A Noble Narrative: A BHHS’ Student’s Nicaraguan Experience

By Amanda Tuzzo One thing I find to be very difficult in life is describing unique experiences, those in which you truly have to be there to understand the magical feeling. Experiences are often so unique in their own way and are different for each individual. After my recent trip to Nicaragua over February break, it was only after I found myself crying in the … Continue reading A Noble Narrative: A BHHS’ Student’s Nicaraguan Experience

Exit Interview with Bobby D

By James Bastone Byram Legend Robert Dimartino has decided that, unfortunately, this year will be his last. Junior Will Siege said he will remember him as “a powerful yet friendly person whose character fills the entire room.” Mr. Dimartino, or as he is commonly referred to by his students, Bobby D, is a mentor and foreign language teacher at the high school and I had the … Continue reading Exit Interview with Bobby D

“Enough is Enough” for the Byram Students and Teachers Who Joined Nationwide School Walkouts

By Zachary Milewicz At 10:00 am yesterday morning, the classrooms and hallways of Byram Hills High School emptied as students and teachers walked out. As the hundreds of individuals gathered in front of the school, they were joining students and teachers of approximately 3,000 schools across the country. This nationwide movement developed in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, … Continue reading “Enough is Enough” for the Byram Students and Teachers Who Joined Nationwide School Walkouts

Is there Enough Time in between Classes?

By Raquel Kanner Picture this: The bell rings. Your next class is on the opposite side of the school. You are frantic and rushing to get to class, and you’re not the only one that feels this pressure. Students all around the school are cramming the hallways, making them difficult to navigate. In reality, the four-minute transition that occurs multiple times per day is crucial … Continue reading Is there Enough Time in between Classes?

Senior Internships

By Dani Cronin Second semester is in full swing, which means that seniors are searching for internships. Ranging from assisting teachers at Wampus or Coman Hill to working in stores, these unique opportunities act as a great way for seniors to gain real-life experience before truly venturing out into the world! The process begins in the fall when students are assigned teacher advisors who help … Continue reading Senior Internships


By Marleigh Canter You may have seen the posters around school, but in case you haven’t… Oklahoma is here! For the past two months talented actors, singers, and dancer have been working hard to put together a fantastic show! Tonight, March 9th at 7pm, and tomorrow, March 10th at 2pm and 7pm, The Varley Players are performing their winter musical. Set in the Midwest, this … Continue reading Oklahoma!