Is Bowling Right Up Your Alley?

By Natalie Hooker Some students may have heard the exciting news already: there is a big addition to Byram Hills list of sports and clubs! This addition is the Byram Bowling team. While the creation of this team is well underway, it is still very early on so some logistical details remain undecided. In researching more about Byram’s new, exciting club, I had the opportunity … Continue reading Is Bowling Right Up Your Alley?

New Bells at Byram

By Raquel Kanner The new school year has begun, which means that several noticeable changes have occurred. There are new teachers, new educational programs, and new renovations, but one thing has stood out to students and faculty alike: the new bell. Although this may seem like a small change, the new bell has created controversy across Byram Hills. While some think the new bell is … Continue reading New Bells at Byram

Mr. Quirolo: Byram’s Newest Guidance Counselor

By Drew Siskin Mr. Quirolo, BHHS’s newest guidance counselor for freshmen, is not only a great counselor but a friend to anyone in need. He describes himself as, “a team player, collaborative, and helpful.” Additionally, Mr. Quirolo is easy to talk to and really knows how to make you laugh! When walking into Mr. Quirolo’s office, students feel like they’re on their couch at home. … Continue reading Mr. Quirolo: Byram’s Newest Guidance Counselor

Installing Bobcat Statue, Encouraging Bobcat Pride

By Lorraine DiSano As you stroll into the lower gym, you might notice the new addition to the patio: the bobcat statue. This comes as one of many new additions to Byram Hills High School this school year. At first, many had questions about the statue and its purpose, but now, it has already become a fixture in the Byram community. The original idea behind … Continue reading Installing Bobcat Statue, Encouraging Bobcat Pride

A New Byram Hills

By Jordyn Jacobson Last spring, a new elective was introduced to Byram Hills: Global Scholars. Mr. Smith, Ms. Laden, and Ms. Stahl envisioned a class that would make our school’s community more aware of the issues present in our world today. Now, after months of hard work, the class has finally been put into action. The class began with a lesson on what it means to … Continue reading A New Byram Hills

It’s All Your Mind(set): A Response to ‘Scoring a 1520 in Stress’

Dear BHHS students, I am writing in response to David McDaniels’ opinion piece, “Scoring a 1520 in Stress” published on November 4, 2017. I want to be clear that this letter is in no way a personal attack on David—I teach him and know him to be a good person and excellent student. I am in fact impressed with how well written his column is. … Continue reading It’s All Your Mind(set): A Response to ‘Scoring a 1520 in Stress’

English Addition: Mrs. Shaw

By Zoe Daniel While interviewing Mrs. Shaw, it became apparent through her exciting tone and lively facial expressions, that she is not only passionate about English but teaching as well. She recounted that fact that she has, “always taken an interest in English, and honestly, I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t. Since I was little I’ve always loved reading and writing, and … Continue reading English Addition: Mrs. Shaw