BHHS Football Falls Short to Lady of Lourdes

By James Bastone

Byram Hills’ football team struggled with a loss to the Lady of Lourdes, 49-14. To any observer, it was clear that boys were trying their hardest and giving their all to the game. Unfortunately, their intense effort wasn’t enough to defeat the Lady of Lourdes. Many students watching the game were puzzled with the boys’ bad luck and found themselves uttering the phrase, “this is embarrassing.”

Byram was shocked by the dominant running and speedy game of the Lourdes led by Joe Scags. In the final two minutes of the first half, Byram was driving down the field while losing 14-0. Byram dug deep and changed the pace of the game. While it seemed like they would secure points on the board, Byram, unfortunately, got stopped on 4th down and turned the ball over. Lourdes then gashed the Byram defense for a run over 50 yards long and maintained their lead. Even when Byram was down, they showed great resilience and had a solid 3rd quarter by cutting Lourdes lead to only one score. Still, Lourdes responded to make it a two touchdown game. Once the 4th quarter started it was 50 yard run after 50 yard run for Lourdes. The Lourdes fast speed of play crushed the Byram crowd and the  football team. Sadly, this homecoming game was anything other than the exciting event everyone was hoping for. The 49-14 blowout loss will hopefully motivate the football team to bounce back. 

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