Spotlight on Jack Beer

(Photo by Phoebe Waxman)

By Ally Tuzzo

What is the first word that comes into most people’s minds when they hear the name Jack Beer? Soccer.

It is undeniable that Jack is well known in the community as a star soccer player. He is a captain of the Byram Hills Boys Varsity Soccer team and a nationally ranked soccer player. Already committed to Georgetown University for soccer, he has led his team to hold a record of 12 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties to end the regular season. On top of it all, in the week of October 17th, Jack was chosen as the Con Edison Scholar Athlete of the Week.

The Con Edison Scholar Athlete award recognizes an athlete each week for athletic and academic accomplishments. Because of Jack’s high talent and dedication on and off the field, his coach, Matthew Allen, nominated Jack for the award, expressing, “Jack’s talent is that he has a high soccer IQ,” making clever and skillful moves on the field. Jack has been honorably recognized for his soccer achievements, such as being a Nationally Ranked Player, 1MG/Top Drawer Soccer Top 150 (2013-present) and his national ranking by the NY Soccer Club Team top 10 by Gotsoccer and Top Drawer Soccer (2015/16), in addition to being acknowledged for his leadership and character.


Jack loves to volunteer at Pleasantville Cottage School with members of the boys soccer team where they play friendly soccer games with the kids. To have fun and to see the kids smiling is so rewarding for Jack as “it is such a great feeling to to know you made a kid’s day that much better.” Along with raising money for Breast Cancer awareness and working as a volunteer referee for local soccer clubs, Jack was elected captain for both Byram Hills Boys Varsity Soccer and his club team, NY Soccer Club. As a captain, he has several responsibilities on and off the field. During practice, Jack’s role is to bring everyone together and keep everyone on task, and also to focus everyone’s attention on the ultimate goal: to win. Off the field, Jack believes it is his responsibility to make sure everyone is having a good time when they are together and having a good day in general. Jack says, “in some ways I see myself as a mentor to the underclassmen to make sure everyone is comfortable and happy.” Jack is a medium between the coach and the players on the team, and he helps facilitate the brotherly dynamic that Coach Allen emphasizes. According to Jack, “[the team] is together 24/7 and loves spending time with each other.” He helps them act more as a unit on and off the field.

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Though Jack has had a so far very successful high school soccer career, next year he will move on to play soccer for Georgetown University. Though he had a few schools looking to recruit him, Jack ultimately committed to Georgetown because the soccer program really pulled his interest and the coach “really made [him] feel comfortable with the school and made [him] feel as though [he] could succeed there.” Though Jack is nervous for the academic and social adjustment into Georgetown, he is very excited to be part of the soccer team and says, “I know I am not alone in my workload and I try to use all the resources that are available to me.” Just like in high school, he is reassured that his friends, teammates, and advisers will be there to help with the transition.

While his aggression comes out on the field, there is much more to the mild mannered, soft spoken person than just soccer. Unknown to most people, he has a creative side that is expressed in music. He started playing piano when he was five and has recently started playing again. For Jack, it is a way to de-stress and “a release from soccer because it takes [him] away from the fast paced game with the soothing and calm music.” Though before games he still listens to dance music and EDM to pump him up, there are times when he just likes to listen to piano music. He says that sometimes teammates like Matt Groll even give him song suggestions and he tries to learn them on the piano.

When asked what else he likes to do, he said he likes naps.

Jack is a role model in the community, displaying unconditional hard work, dedication, and a love for soccer.