The Canvas: Byram’s Literary Magazine

By Nicole Mattei


Byram Hills High School is home to some of the strongest sports players, most enthusiastic theater performers, and smartest scientific minds. Byram Hills is also home to many creative students and offers an extracurricular activity that encourages students to submit personal works of poetry, short stories, and various forms of artwork: The Canvas.

Founded in 2008 under the name Apocalypse, The Canvas adopted its current name in 2013. The Canvas has always been a student run publication that thrives off of the art and literature skills of Byram Hills students. Through its winter and spring issues, The Canvas seeks to expose the creative works of Byram Hills students and faculty. Exactly what fits the criteria to be included in The Canvas? Ariana Chuback, a senior at BHHS and the club’s president explains, “We are looking for all types of works.” The acceptance of any piece of writing such as “poems, short stories, essays, rants, 6 word stories, etc., art (photos, paintings/drawings, cartoons, doodles, etc.), music (lyrics, playlists, etc.), and any other thing that shows creativity” are all welcomed for submission. The goal of The Canvas is to create a safe and pleasurable artistic community in which students come together to share and comment on their works. Equally important, the club provides a creative outlet for the very academically oriented Byram Hills High School with its welcoming environment that encourages students to share their creative pieces.

The cover of the most recent issue of The Canvas. (Photo by Emily Cott)

The Canvas offers many different opportunities for students to come together and showcase their creative abilities. In January and April, students have the ability to let their voices be heard at an open mic. The planning of other events, such as an improv open mic, scary story readings for Halloween, a writing and art seminar, and more are all being looked into for the future. A poetry slam is another idea that The Canvas hopes to schedule. The first poetry slam was Friday, October 14th, from 5:30p.m.-7:30p.m. in the Bobcafe. There, students came together and shared their own poetry and works, alongside the works of their favorite poems or songs. The environment was described as being safe, fun, and enthusiastic. Ariana added that there were “ Lots of creative voices and the food was great too.”  

The Canvas is an amazing club that is still improving. New features are planned for the  upcoming fall and spring issues so keep your eyes open! The Canvas is also eager to hear from new participants who would be willing to share their own works. The Canvas meets almost every Thursday. The winter issue deadline is November 30th. Contributions can be submitted to I highly encourage everyone interested in any form of art to join!