New Year, More Coffee- Welcome to the Byram Bean!

By Alessandra Colella

Step inside Byram Hills High School, and you will find students holding on tightly to the thing that keeps their eyes open throughout the day: coffee!! To any observer, the obsession over coffee is evident, which is why we now have an incredible new cafeteria space designed for this exact purpose. On the first day of school, students were made aware of this new space and were asked to submit any suggestions to name our very own coffee shop. Complete with diner booths and low hanging lights, the space is bound to become a comfortable place for students to enjoy themselves. Students were ecstatic as the news broke and could not wait to suggest names. Sophomore Charlie Cohen says, “I can’t wait for the new coffee space! It’s going to be so convenient and fun.” Not only was a name needed for the new space, but a slogan as well. On September 24, Principal Walsh sent out a notification and gave students the options to vote on the following names and slogans:

  • The Byram Bean – “Where beans come true”
  • The Bobcaf – “Brewing greatness since 2016”
  • The Hills Cafe – “Brewed the Byram way”
  • The Coffee Lab – “Where students and coffee mix”
  • The Blend – “Mixing coffee and students”
  • Java Hut – “Good students need good coffee”
  • Central Perk – “We’re all Friends at the Hills”

These seven clever options gave students a hard time choosing which one would make history in our new lounge. Ultimately, announced at the pep rally, the name chosen by students was, “The Byram Bean” created by junior Rebecca Freedman. When she first found out her name was in the running, she was “ecstatic” and “quick to inform all of [her] friends”. Rebecca says she came up with the name on the first day of school when the contest was announced, and thanks to her skilled alliteration, she was able to come up with something catchy! Rebecca, along with many other students, loves the name, especially because “it not only rolls off the tongue but sounds cool and relatable!” Rebecca hopes that this new space will give students a place to “socialize, eat, sip and do schoolwork.” She is very glad to leave her mark on Byram Hills High School in this way, and just like all of us, cannot wait for “The Byram Bean” to be up and running!

Principal Walsh says that the new coffee space will be open in about 4 weeks. The opening was planned for October, however, the process got delayed because of making the custom fit cabinetry for the space. Mr. Walsh hopes that the new space will be a place where students can, “relax and get away from the hustle and bustle.” There will be a barista dedicated to the coffee space, and students will be able to order anything they would see at a normal coffee shop. In no time, both students and faculty will be able to order coffee drinks right from our very own coffee shop!

Two seniors chatting in the new booths. (Photo by Sarah Ehrlich)