One World Club: Helping the Local Community

By Sophie Winston

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The number and variety of the extracurriculars BHHS has to offer can be very overwhelming. Students can join clubs ranging from the Debate Team to Science Olympiad to Youth Against Cancer. The multitude of clubs to choose from at BHHS can easily appear intimidating, especially if you are a current freshman. Moreover, every person has their own passions and sometimes are unaware of which clubs best fit themselves.

There is one club, however, that fits the mold of community building, service, and togetherness- and this is the One World Club. One World is a “welcoming environment that caters to all,” says the senior President Josh Ingber. He adds that they “are a local service based organization that strives to improve the lives of others in the local community.” As a vice president myself, along with junior Mio Shimizu, this club is both fun and very fulfilling.

One World is a club that is very involved with the school and pushes people to not just participate to put it on a college resume but to also enjoy helping others in the process. This is done through the monthly bake sales that are widely loved and known for the amazing cookie/Oreo/brownies (brownies made with chocolate chip cookies and Oreos), the winter talent show, the spring car wash and more fundraising events. These all take place at the school and promote student involvement, but without being too overwhelming. One World raises money for the Ronald McDonald house and for local charities that are often looked overlooked in society, but still relevant. The club meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every month and, “only last 10-15 minutes,” says junior club member Katie Fernberg. Katie expands that “They are really fun and we even get to decorate flowers for the Mother’s day flower sale and get a free ticket to the school’s talent show.”

The Ronald McDonald house has been a constant charity within One World for many years now. The Ronald McDonald house is a place located near or outside hospitals to provide food and a place for families to stay in whilst a family member is in the hospital. Multiple times a year, club members volunteer to visit the McDonald House to help make and prepare breakfast. I can say form experience that visiting there and helping out people by making their day is one of the most fulfilling things the club or any club offers.

One of the worst things you can do for yourself is get sucked into the concept of doing charities simply for your college resume. This is something I see very often among my peers. Although it can be challenging to avoid constant thoughts of attending a “good university,” being active in the local community is a way to occupy your time in a memorable way. If you are looking for a club that will make you leave every meeting feeling proud and full of compassion, this is the club for you. It is never too late to participate, and come to Mrs. Budden’s room. We will be waiting to welcome you into the One World community with the excitement of facing the new school year!