Leading Byram with Pride

By Sydney Glassman

Byram Hills High School takes great pride in their athletics. Athletic events bring the community together as students, parents, and friends all root for Byram Hills’ sports teams and athletes to succeed. However, most would agree that it is the Byram Hills Cheerleaders that truly embody the spirit that makes Byram Hills a great district to be a part of. Whether they are cheering for the football team, the basketball team, or cheering at competitions, the Byram Hills Cheerleaders are an asset to the community.

This year, cheerleading at Byram Hills High School gives both the varsity team and the JV team as many as opportunities to participate in games as possible. Varsity cheerleaders wear their uniforms every Friday. That is because there is an away game every Friday that they get to cheer for, and the cheerleaders wear their uniforms all day on game days as a demonstration of school spirit and pride. They also cheer for every home game.  Olivia Frischman, a member of the Varsity cheerleading team said, “Everyone on the team is so supportive, including the coach. I became a cheerleader because I love gymnastics and thought it would be really fun. I love that I can represent Byram Hills by going to games and wearing our uniforms every Friday to school.”  It is clear that on the team, everyone feels like a family, and they all help each other out and give each other advice. When a person succeeds at something they were originally struggling on, the whole team feels happy for that person. Cheerleaders get the ability to represent Byram Hills and to participate in Byram Spirit. Spirit at Byram Hills is so important for everyone.

Junior varsity cheerleaders also have the opportunity to get involved with various sporting events and competitions. Although the JV cheerleaders do not get to cheer in the away games, the school makes a great effort to allow them to participate as often as possible  so that they have equal chances to get involved. Freshman Ella Gitler, a member of the fall sports JV team said, “Starting off with knowing very little of what I was going to be doing this season was very stressful and scary. But my team made me feel comfortable. When someone made a mistake, we would just laugh it off. JV cheer was a great experience. I had so much fun building relationships with everyone and having the opportunity to represent Byram Hills.” Although Ella had no idea how cheer was going to be, everyone made her feel like she was a part of the team and helped her learn new things. The school started out by allowing JV to cheer in the bleachers during a home game of football. Then, during homecoming, the girls got to cheer during  the second half of the game. JV sat in the bleachers during the  first half of the game, cheering on the football team and chanting the cheers with varsity so that they could participate too. Finally, the second quarter ended and all the cheer girls on varsity and JV went to both sides of the track and cheered on the alumni. After that, third quarter began. JV watched the football game, cheering all the players on, and chanting all the cheers the coaches instructed them to say. At the end of fourth quarter, the varsity team joined them and they all cheered together as one big, united team.

Cheerleading at Byram Hills is very important because the cheerleaders represent Byram Hills in a positive light. Cheerleaders bring all the sports teams together and motivate our athletes to do their very best!