More Than Just A Cause

Did you know the Food Bank Club here at Byram Hills recently had their annual cereal drive and collected over $300 and more than 105 pounds of food? Read more about the club in this article!

By Gabby Pereira

The Food Bank for Westchester serves over 300 community partners throughout Westchester County, including food pantries, soup kitchens, child and adult day-care centers, and shelters. The Food Bank provides 95% of all the food given to hungry families, children and seniors in the form of a cooked meal or groceries to take home.

The Food Bank Club here at Byram Hills recently had their annual cereal drive and collected over $300 and more than 105 pounds of food, all of which was then donated to the local charter. This year, the club hopes to step outside of the box with fundraisers. One fundraising idea is a color run, which the club is aiming to organize by the spring of 2017, making the first to initiate this fun activity. It would not only bring the community together, but would also be supporting a great cause.

“This kind of fundraiser will engage the community and reach a larger audience, helping both the aspects of awareness and hunger we aim to address,” expressed Emma Fruhling, Food Bank President. The Food Bank’s mission here at the high school has been to reach out to students and demonstrate the extent to which our society is affected by hunger. It has been the club’s goal to change the perspective of Byram Hills students. Specifically, because many of us live in an affluent community and take having a meal on the table for granted, we tend to forget how fortunate we are and often don’t see how others are living in areas so close to home. While many of you may not believe it, there are many families in Westchester who are left wondering when their next meal will be.

Co-president of the Food Bank Club, Eliza Scher, explained, “We try to bring together community members of all ages to encourage volunteerism and education. There are 200,000 people in Westchester County that are hungry or at risk of hunger; that’s one in five people. Sometimes I feel like we live in a bubble, here in Armonk. I think it’s important to realize that people very close to our home are struggling and it’s our responsibility to help them out.”

The Food Bank not only aims to address a cause in society, but also strives to inspire its members to be productive participants in the community. Through service and awareness the club is able to reach this goal. The Food Bank club is looking forward to an exciting year filled with new fundraising ideas that will inspire Byram’s students and community members to get involved.