Welcoming Mrs. Sautner!

By Zachary Milewicz

This year, Byram’s cafeteria was redone and a new technology space was designed next to the library. These changes catch the eyes of those who pass through the building each day. What many visitors do not realize though is that two new assistant principals were welcomed in as well. Perhaps this is unnoticable due to their seamless transitions. While Mrs. Cunningham’s shift was from HCC to BHHS, Mrs. Sautner came from further away. You can read more about Mrs. Cunningham in another article.

Previously, Mrs. Sautner was the guidance chairperson at Halldane High School in Coldspring, NY. Before that, she was a guidance counselor at Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, next to Yankee Stadium. Her high school guidance counselor’s helpfulness inspired her to pursue the career.

In terms of fitting into her role at Byram, it has been a really positive transition so far. She is very happy with the experiences she has had, particularly interactions with the parents. In my interview with her, Mrs. Sautner stressed the work she has done with the Acting with Integrity Committee. This committee, formerly known as the Academic Integrity Committee, was led by Dr. Cotrone. After he left, Sautner filled his place, advising the students’ work alongside social studies teacher Mrs. Lewick. Due to Mrs. Sautner’s role on the committee, she has had the chance to continuously interact with the students part of it. She also had the chance to interact with many more students when visiting the mentor classes for a second time to perform skits and lead discussions on integrity. The first visit to the mentor classes took place in the beginning of the school year and she was accompanied by Mrs. Cunningham, the other assistant principal. Both times, Mrs. Sautner really enjoyed “getting to know the ninth graders.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Sautner enjoys spending time with her family. She is married and has two daughters: a three year old named Katie and a 19 month old named Grace. She particularly likes going on family outings over the weekend, which include visits to see the Animals at Muscoot Farm. Additionally, she enjoys reading them books and playing outside together.

While no longer surrounded entirely by students’ schedules and college applications, Mrs. Sautner is still there to provide “guidance” to students. She is a great resource for anyone with a problem or question and her office can easily be found next to the front entrance. She can also be spotted in the cafeteria during lunches or standing outside in front of the buses saying goodbye to students each afternoon.