YAC Club Makes a Difference

By Samantha Krevolin  

Many people in the world today suffer from cancer themselves or have a loved one who does. This disease is extremely devastating to so many people and could be fatal. Doctors and scientists everywhere are constantly trying to find new treatments and cures to help those with the illness. One of the ways the students at Byram Hills High School try to help people with this disease is by joining the club Youth Against Cancer, also called YAC by many students. This club is one of the most popular at the high school and is advised by Mrs. Delamonico, who also teaches math. YAC helps local hospitals as well as larger organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, try to find the best recovery methods possible by raising money and awareness.

YAC does many activities throughout the school year, so students both in and out of the club can work together to try to address the issue. Activities include monthly bake sales, celebrating Denim Day, and the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. All of the money raised from bake sales is donated to the American Cancer Society, and the leftover food is brought to local hospitals, including Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, to give to people there who unfortunately suffer from cancer. In addition, the club celebrates Denim Day once a year, which helps spread awareness for breast cancer. Students and teachers all wore denim clothing in order to show their support. Alessandra Colella, a Sophomore Group Leader of YAC, talked about her thoughts on the success of denim day. She concluded that “This year we made the most money we ever had.” Additionally, the club participated in the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk at Manhattanville College on Sunday, October 16th. Students from Byram Hills as well as other high schools around Westchester joined together to participate in the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk” to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. This year’s event was a huge success due to the number of participants, and the amount of money raised.

Recently, this club has changed some of the ways it is run to help have a larger positive impact towards the cause. One of the changes made this year is the introduction of board positions. These have been given to students in each grade in order to get more kids involved. The two positions are Core Group Leaders, who consult ideas and plans with other board members, and Media Leaders, who are in charge of notifying students through the internet or flyers around the school. This is a positive change for YAC because it allows more students to give their thought and opinions about the club and possibly new events will come out of it.

Another one of the changes the club has done this year is they decided to celebrate Denim Day at the Middle School. This has never been done before, but the club members hope this will help spread awareness throughout the school district. Some of the Core Group Leaders went to the Middle School and held a bake sale during lunch periods. They sold a variety of desserts and rubber bracelets. One of the Core Group Leaders, Isabelle Ilan who is a sophomore at the high school, spoke about her experience at the middle school and claimed “It was great to get the young kids involved and they responded very well by wanting to know more information about the club.” This is a great club to join at Byram Hills and has such a positive impact on those who help cancer patients and the patients themselves.