Swinging Success, Ally Steffan

By Olivia Tauber

Who comes to mind when thinking of one of the most successful female athletes in our school? Many would say senior Ally Steffen, aspiring golfer, committed to the University of Richmond.

Ally’s experience with golf first began in eigth grade, when she tried out for the varsity team under Coach Langworth. After making the team, she fell in love with the sport and its surrounding community.

However, she was still interested in other activities, so she continued to pursue them on the side. Ally states that she “started off just playing [golf] in the spring, while playing field hockey all year round as at that time [she] had taken field hockey more seriously.” Yet, once realizing golf was her true passion, she “began playing almost everyday all year round, spending time in an indoor simulator for the winter.”

Ally’s consistent practice and hard work became extremely apparent and most certainly paid off when she placed 18th at the New York State tournament, becoming an All-State golfer last year. This was also the second year in a row that her team won the state tournament, which was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, according to Ally. In addition to golf, Ally has been playing field hockey for the past five years and absolutely loves it, currently starting for her club field hockey team that she plays with during the winter season.

When asked about the future, Ally has high hopes. Since she is committed to the University of Richmond, she aims to continue finding success in golf while there. She also states that “golf is a lifelong sport that I plan on playing when I’m older, recreationally.”