“Cheesiest” Places in Armonk

By Ellie Reinhardt

Nobody can ever resist that perfectly cooked crispy dough, with just the right amount of tomato sauce, and the mozzarella cheese stringing as you take each perfect bite. To the fanciest restaurant to a fast food chain, you know that you can never go wrong with everyone’s favorite Italian dish: pizza. So if you’re another fellow pizza lover, this is as cheesy as it gets.

Armonk may be small, but it never disappoints with the multiple pizza options all around town. Starting off with most people’s favorites is Broadway North Pizzeria. Right in the dead center of town, people are always in and out of this little pizza shop. Always satisfied, customers come in to pick up slices ranging from exotic toppings such as sesame chicken, caesar salad, to classic slices like the grandma or Margherita slice. Sophomore Natalie Hooker describes Broadway’s food as, “The most delicious pizza ever!!” Freshman Tyler Greenfield agrees that “Broadway has dope pizza with a nice environment.” Broadway North Pizzeria is always on top of the list!

Next up is not the most common place to grab some pizza but definitely, has some loyal few fans. Fernando’s Pizzeria is tucked away in town where not a lot of people are seen there. Not only is Fernando’s pizza supposedly very good, but it has other great dishes such as soups, salads, and traditional Italian dishes. Freshman Kallie Hoffman is a strong supporter of Fernando’s and claims that “Fernando’s is very underrated. The warm soup in the winter months and the tasty slice is enough to keep me happy for the rest of the day!” Certainly, this pizza place is worth checking out.

The newest to the bunch, but most definitely not on the bottom of the list is Nick’s Pizza & Pasta. This place is known for its abnormally large slices and delicious, creamy ice cream. Located five minutes from Armonk main street, Nick’s Pizza & Pasta is right next to the original store, Nick’s Corner Market. The pizza is said to be more expensive than the other places in town, but this pizza is significantly larger than an original slice. Even better, after eating some delicious pizza, you can choose from numerous flavors of ice cream inside this very shop. Freshman Taylor Duffy thinks that “Nick’s Pizza & Pasta is my favorite pizzeria in Armonk because their slices are huge and yummy!” If you are having an extra big appetite, you should head over to Nick’s.

As for me, my “go to” pizza place that never upsets is definitely Broadway North Pizzeria. It is in such a convenient place where you can comfortably sit inside or efficiently pick food up. The pizza is always amazing and there are tons of different options that are all just as good as a plain slice of pizza. From past experiences, they also deliver in a reasonable amount of time, usually on the quicker side. Everyone should hit up these few pizza places, and figure out where their favorite cheesy slice lies!