Frosty Day Parade

By Ally Tuzzo

Armonk is a small town with little significant history.  Yet, the town’s locals hold pride in its one most memorable creation: Frosty the Snowman.

Our town is the inspiration for the song “Frosty the Snowman.” Its writer, Steve Nelson, was a resident of the town, and seven years ago, Armonk started the Frosty Day Parade to recognize his beloved character. Since, it has grown from a local festivity to one that attracts people from all over Westchester.

Almost every business in Armonk is involved somehow in Frosty Day. In the afternoon, there are many activities including cookie and ornament decorating, face painting, crafts, and free snacks!

img_8163There were over 30 floats in this year’s parade, each one representing different groups within the community. The Byram Hills Homecoming Court represents the high school with its own float. The students decorated a long truck with lights and Christmas decorations, with help from family and friends. This year’s Homecoming King Nick Muhart said that decorating the float was such a fun time knowing that “we were doing it for the kids.” The actual parade itself was charming. The court sang “Frosty the Snowman” while tossing out confetti and streamers. King Muhart described the parade to be really adorable, “seeing a crowd of kids with smiles stretching across their faces.” as they waved and reached for confetti. Being part of the Homecoming float myself, it was definitely an amazing experience seeing the community come together with such great holiday spirit. Homecoming Queen Jackie Clarke also recognized the comradery, as she “never knew much about the parade until this year” and once she was a part of it, noticed how great it was to “see our community come together” doing crafts, eating, and just enjoying the holidays.

After the parade, everyone came together in Wampus Park to sing holiday carols, including our favorite, “Frosty the Snowman.” With everyone bundled with thick jackets, scarves and gloves, the community cuddles together to end the festivities with the lighting of the park, watching as the trees and the lake lit up with holiday spirit. As Chloe Sider, a cheerful member of the parade’s crowd describes, “It was a whimsical celebration of our towns history and the people in it.”