SAGE: Students Advocating for Gender Equality

By Danielle Cronin

With the school year in full swing and students already adjusted to their academic and extracurricular schedules, there is still an opportunity to join clubs! Students Advocating for Gender Equity is a club run by co-presidents Gabby Kleinberg and Lindsey Perlman, and the club meets every Monday to discuss topics about gender identity and inequality in the school, community, and media. Their main goal is to better the community by spreading awareness about sexism all around the world, from third world countries to our own everyday lives.

SAGE is a safe place where members meet to freely discuss controversial issues regarding gender, especially sexism. As senior co-president Gabby Kleinberg points out, from a young age, girls are asked if they want kids and a family, while boys are asked what occupation they wish to pursue. Smart boys are looked upon as prodigies, while smart girls are called “know-it-alls” behind their backs. In SAGE, these gender roles are addressed, and everyone’s opinion is valid. Fellow co-president Lindsey Perlman adds that “we open ourselves to a plethora of perspectives and think critically about the implications of those perspectives in ways that foster inclusiveness and empathy.”

In addition to raising awareness for gender equality, the club also holds annual bake sales to raise money for the Malala Fund. Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist fighting for women’s rights and equality in education. According to Kleinberg, Malala’s charity helps “raise money to promote education for young women in developing countries that place a low value on female education.” Perlman also states that the fund is helping to put an end to sex slavery and child marriage.

The message of equality that SAGE is spreading is very important. Although it may not seem prevalent in our small community, these skewed gender roles exist nonetheless. It is crucial to “discuss how to better our community and the ways in which sexism manifests itself in our daily lives,” says Perlman. She hopes that their meetings, actions, and discussions encourage club and community members to stand up against social injustices and to maintain an open mind. Kleinberg’s outlook is similar, and she says that “through creating SAGE, I hope to empower all girls to be able to stand up for what they believe in.”

SAGE is an open space to discuss controversial topics both inside and outside of our community, and there are many ways in which you can get involved. Students can attend meetings, which are held every Monday in room 321 and are overseen by Mrs. Aber. You can also talk to Gabby, Lindsey, or Mrs. Aber and ask to join the Google Classroom or Facebook group to be notified about events and announcements. Since the club is mainly about raising awareness, it is easy to get involved and contribute to SAGE. Do not hesitate to learn about and promote ideas of equal opportunity for all genders in school, the workplace, and media.