Nick Muhart: A Leader in School, A Lead in Plays

By Oliver Brocato

What comes to mind when you think about Nick Muhart? Perhaps, as one student described best, “A leader and friendly, caring guy.”

Nick is heavily involved in theater. He has been acting ever since a young age and has participated in numerous plays at the high school. These plays included the Mouse That Roared, Fiddler on the Roof, Working, Romeo and Juliet, South Pacific, Little Shop of Horrors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Beauty and the Beast, The Laramie Project, and just recently, MacBeth. As he puts it, “Acting is a way to escape the ‘outside world’ and become a new person, living in another world.” He says, “I love the tingling feeling I get when I am on stage or on camera after pouring all of my emotions and effort into a scene.” He has also acted in many more plays for the Community Theater and Student Films for the past three summers, where he has been taking courses for screen acting at the New York Film Academy and at NYU Tisch. In fact, he is going to college to study acting, with the hopes of becoming a professional actor. He is “more interested in screen acting than stage. So, a career in film and television acting is definitely the goal in mind,” explains Nick.  

Nick is also a mentor in the mentor program and helps assimilate freshmen into high school life, while teaching them valuable lifelong skills. I am lucky enough to have Nick as my mentor. Every day, Nick is full of energy, ready to help and teach. There is this way about him that instantly makes me feel comfortable. He gets everyone excited and pumped up before yogi ball games (essentially kickball games between mentor classes). To motivate us, he yells that the reason why we are going to win is because “We have heart.”

This is more than true of Nick, not just in yogi-ball but in life. He is an extremely caring person who checks in on all of us, mentees, daily. He brings in doughnuts most Fridays and leads fundraisers for numerous charities. When asked why he wanted to be a mentor, he responded, “because I have been where the freshmen have been. I have had to make that daunting and uncomfortable change from the middle school to the high school. I wanted to be there for the freshmen just like my mentors were for me. Walking into Mr. Allen’s classroom every morning and seeing a smiling face really helped me ease into the day. Another reason I wanted to be a mentor is because I love giving advice to other people. Being a figure that the freshmen can go to makes me feel extremely happy. Whether he or she is coming to me for a question about his or her schedule or a more personal question, I am more than glad to assist.”

Nick is a role-model who is clearly looked up to in the Byram Hills community. He will be going college for acting and wishes to pursue a career acting in film and television. We wish him luck in college, where he will embarking on his acting career!