Fall Sports Recap          

By Samantha Krevolin                          

During the beginning of the school year, many students look forward to the start of the fall sports season. They find it is a great afterschool activity where they can play the sports they love, relieve stress from school work, and create a bond with teammates. At Byram Hills High School, there are many sports offered for the fall season. For boys, the sports are JV and varsity soccer, JV and varsity football, and JV and varsity cross country. For girls, the teams are JV and varsity soccer, JV and varsity tennis, JV and varsity volleyball, JV and varsity cheerleading, varsity swim, varsity dance, varsity field hockey, and JV and varsity cross country. The multiple sports offered allow many students to have the opportunity to choose which activities they prefer. Now that the fall season has come to a close, it is important to look at Byram’s success.

Byram Hills is known for continuously being a top seed in soccer. This year, both girls and boys varsity teams made it to the playoffs and went to the most rounds out of all of Byram’s teams. Boys soccer even got the league title for their exceptional season, which helped them get ready for upcoming playoffs. The boys made it to the sectional semi-finals and played Somers High School. Unfortunately, this was when Boys Varsity Soccer season came to an end. They lost 2-1 (4-2 with penalty kicks). Robbie Waxman (sophomore), who joined the team during playoffs, claimed “the hype we had as a team was unmatched. Going out there with my brothers is the best feeling in the world”. They did a great job this season and will hopefully continue their success next year. In addition, girls varsity soccer also did well during their season. Before playoffs, they had a 9-7 record, which was very impressive. They made it to the playoffs and faced a devastating loss against Eastchester High School in penalty kicks. Dylan Starker (sophomore), spoke about her experience as her first year on the varsity team. “We had an unforgettable and great run. Not only did we become physically tougher, but as a team we became mentally tougher, which helped us with our game-winning success”. Not only does this quote relate to the girls varsity soccer teams, but it applies to all teams at the high school’s values and motives.

In addition to boys and girls soccer, other sports team made it to the playoffs this season. For boys, this includes varsity football and varsity cross country. The football team had a tough start this year but were able to make it to the playoffs. Sadly, they lost in the first round to the number 1 seed. Cross country also had a very good season and did well in the playoffs. For the girls teams, varsity volleyball and cross country made it to the playoffs, and varsity tennis and varsity swim made it to sectionals. Varsity volleyball lost in the second round of playoffs against tough competition. Also, girls cross country did excellent in the playoffs. Girls tennis had two players, Devon Wolfe (junior) and Dana D’Onofrio (junior) who made it to quarter finals. Lastly, varsity swim had two players who made it to playoffs- Ciara Dalton (sophomore) and Brian Glat (junior). Overall the teams had exceptional records and were great role models for future student-athletes. Although JV does not have playoffs, the teams did very well and had unbelievable seasons. Byram Hills High School had a great start to the year with its fall sports and only hopes for that to continue in the following seasons.