A One on One with Mrs. Menasche

By Zoe Daniel

Did you know that Mrs. Menasche once worked on a music video for Bon Jovi? Well, I recently had the privilege of interviewing one of Byram’s most beloved art teachers – Mrs. Menasche. Continue reading to learn more about our amazing ceramics and sculpture teacher!

When did you know that you wanted to become a teacher?

I originally did not want to become a teacher. I was in school studying to be a painter and I didn’t really understand kids so I worked in other fields. I was an artist and a graphic designer, but after I had my own kids I went back to school and decided that I wanted to become a teacher.

Did you teach anywhere before you came to Byram Hills?

Yes, I did. I taught in the White Plains School District at a division of the school that was run out of a psychiatric hospital. I had three different groups of kids: kids who were inpatients, high school students who suffered from emotional issues, and elementary kids who also suffered from behavioral and emotional problems. It was a really great job, but when a job at Byram opened up, I needed to take that!

What is your favorite thing about Byram Hills and teaching, in general?

I like that everyday is different … plus the students make the days very interesting and exciting!

Have you always loved art and do you continue to explore your love for pottery and sculpture in your free time?

Yes! My earliest memories are of me sitting in my room, drawing, when I was supposed to be napping. And yes, I often create sculptures outside of school! I like to take workshops and classes that allow me to improve my skills and explore my creativity.

Other than teacher, what has been your favorite job?

I’ve had a lot of different jobs. When I first started working, I got a job as a studio assistant for two very well known artists in Manhattan. After that, I also did things like paint peoples lofts, collated tax returns, and even worked on a music video for Bon Jovi – I’ve done a lot of different things. I also served as the art director for a nonprofit bioethics research center for 7 years. My favorite job though, other than teaching, was probably when I worked for the artists. Since, I had the privilege of working on their artwork with them, I was able to work directly in the art industry.

What is a fun fact about you, or something that most people wouldn’t know?

I just learned how to weld! I am taking a welding class in the spring so that I can get better.

Mrs. Menasche is a wonderful addition to the Byram Hills faculty and serves as a great resource for the art department and school community, alike. Her excitement, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching exude throughout every lesson and conversation with Mrs. Menasche! Stop by to learn about her experience working in a psychiatric hospital or her creative outlet painting peoples lofts!