The Byram Hills Dance Team

By Natalie Hooker

The Dance Team is very excited to announce the start of their new season, including a brand new program for their students! This new program gives students a fun introduction to dance by exploring various styles and techniques of dance, while providing them with the experience of displaying their talents a a team. The dance team welcomes students with all levels of dance experience to join.

I interviewed Ms. Healy, coach of the Dance Team, to share her experience coaching and creating this new program for the girls. Ms.Healey started coaching the dance team last winter. She is also one of the gym teachers, as well as coach of the girls field hockey team. I began the interview – which was just before team practice started – by asking how many years and seasons the dance team has existed for.

Ms. Healy explained, “This is a brand new program that differs from the past team. We’re in the rebuilding phase now, expanding our team to younger students as well.” By expanding their team to more than only the high school, it gives younger students the chance to try out dance and to see if it is something they would enjoy during their freshman year. As she puts it, the team wants to “build a thriving program for younger and older students to stay involved in the athletic community.”

Ms. Healy’s goals for her dancers vary, but she especially wants to see them continue to challenge themselves by eventually competing against other teams, as she explains, “I want to hopefully one day take our team to compete.” Both the team members and Ms. Healey have big visions for their team’s potential!

Ms. Healy says that, “During practice we focus on a variety of ballet technique, hip hop, and jazz fusion.” The dance team explores new styles of dance with different levels of challenge, making their team of dancers stronger. She continues to explain that,“It promotes creativity and expression for students, as well as school spirit. Students are encouraged artistically through showcasing their talents, while also giving students the opportunity and experience to self-choreograph, and learn and grow as dancers.”

The Dance Team is a great opportunity for dancers of all levels to try it out and have fun as a team. See Ms. Healy if you are interested in joining!