Academic and Athletic: Samantha Mayers

By Nicole Meyer

Senior Samantha Mayers is the epitome of a persistent and dedicated student at Byram Hills. Participating in numerous activities during and after school each day, Sam is a Chemistry TA, captain of the math team, and a member of both the Girls Varsity Soccer Team and the Girls Track and Field Team. Furthermore, she will be attending Columbia’s engineering school this upcoming fall. Despite this busy schedule, Sam has still managed to find time to spend time with friends and pursue activities she is passionate about.

During Sam’s senior year, her experience as a Chemistry TA has significantly shaped her time at Byram Hills. The Chemistry TA program gives seniors the ability to teach and assist in a chemistry class and help explain complicated concepts to sophomore and junior students. “It’s been such an incredible experience,” Sam responded when asked about her experience as a Chemistry TA so far. “I love teaching chemistry, and it’s the best feeling when I can explain a concept and help someone have that click moment when they understand.” On top of this, Sam is also a captain of the math team, which includes competing in meets monthly and eating a fair amount of donuts.

Sam at the New Balance Outdoor National Championships for track in North Carolina last spring.

All of these academically challenging experiences are coupled with Sam’s unbelievable athletic achievements. She has been a member of the Girls Varsity Soccer Team for three seasons and a member of both the Girls Winter and Spring Track Teams for seven seasons, approaching her eighth. Sam holds three individual sprinting school records spanning her winter and spring seasons, and she is also a part of six more relay school records. In fact, in June 2016, Sam attended New Balance Outdoor National Championships for track in North Carolina along with three other Byram Hills students to break the outdoor 800 meter sprint medley relay record. This was one of her favorite memories of her years in high school, and remembers it as “an incredible experience.” Sam is a Section One and County Champion in the 100 meter dash in the spring season, and she is definitely striving to do even better in the upcoming 2017 spring track season. Participating in sports at Byram Hills has given her “a lot of great memories and great friends,” as well as teaching her how to manage her time well in between practices, games, and meets. This gives Sam to spend time with friends, which is another one of her favorite parts of her time in high school. She even spoke about experiences with one of her best friends, saying, “I think my adventures with Sophie [were great memories from high school].” She continued to explain,“We always make these huge plans that fail miserably, but they’re still fun in their own way.”

All of Sam’s fantastic memories of high school are already beginning to blend together as Sam looks to start the next chapter of her education. This fall, Sam is attending the Engineering School at Columbia University, her top choice of college. She articulated how she has always had an interest for engineering and problem solving, and she wants to learn more about this major. “I chose Columbia because I love NYC, I really liked the school, and I liked Columbia’s partial core curriculum for the engineering school,” Sam stated. She is excited to meet new people, live in New York City, and take interesting classes. Additionally, Sam is considering a spot on Columbia’s track team! Sam’s many talents in school and extracurricular activities will surely prepare her well for her next four years, and she has undoubtedly left a mark on Byram Hills.

Sam on the soccer field. (Image courtesy of Sam Mayers)