Students Serving Soldiers

By Jordyn Jacobson

As the winter days are approaching, many of us are getting ready to celebrate the holidays and spend quality time with our families. These are privileges we too often take for granted. Soldiers who serve overseas not only sacrifice their lives for the benefit of our country, but they also sacrifice much of the sacred time they get to spend with their loved ones. The Students Serving Soldiers in Byram Hills High school makes an effort to raise awareness about these sacrifices, raise money for wounded soldiers, and send care packages to provide support and make deployment a little easier.

Students Serving Soldiers does many things throughout the year to raise money for their cause. This includes bake sales, raffles, and warrior runs and activities. They also visit wounded warriors and collect supplies. Mr. Gulick, the supervisor of the club, explains some other activities they participate in and organize. “We do a bunch of things throughout the year. We have been collecting items for our care package drive and will be packing them January 5th. Our other big events are the No Man Down Lacrosse Tournament and the Veterans BBQ on Memorial Day weekend at Rye Playland. We do some smaller things as well.”

The club has been extremely successful over the years. Evia Moscaro describes the club and how amazing it is to be a part of. “We help soldiers by sending them annual care packages and raising money for families of fallen soldiers. It is extremely fulfilling to hear from the soldiers who receive our packages and appreciate our club.”

In the past, Byram Hills’ Inaugural “No Man Down” Lacrosse Tournament has raised over $125,000 for Wounded Warrior, an organization that assists wounded members of the nation’s armed forces. Student and adult volunteers compete in 25-minute 7 on 7 games for boys’ teams and 8 on 8 games for girls’ teams. Not only do volunteers raise money through this event, but they also educate players about the Wounded Warrior Project.  

Image courtesy of Lauren Berman

Additionally, if you have been to Decicco’s in the past few months, you may have seen people standing outside with cardboard boxes. Even in the cold, students have stood outside for hours collecting food and money to send to American soldiers. They have also handwritten  several letters to send to the soldiers with their care packages. The hard work of club members shows their dedication to the club and their ability to make big changes in the lives of soldiers everywhere.

It is not too late for you to join the club, as they meet every Tuesday and would love your participation. Freshman Katherine Eisenhower explains that “Students serving soldiers is one of the best clubs to do because you really feel like you’re making a difference. It puts a smile on your face and it puts a smile on the face of the soldiers you help.” Speak to club advisor Mr. Gulick if you are interested, as your participation can help make a change in a soldier’s life.