The Byram Bean…Where Beans Come True!

(Image by Zachary Milewicz)

By Rachel Ackerman

Chai tea lattes, mango smoothies, and chocolate croissants . . . you wouldn’t expect to find these items being sold at your average high school. Well, luckily enough, Byram Hills is far from average! Welcome to the Byram Bean, a coffee shop that was announced by Mr. Walsh at the beginning of the year and made its grand opening in late December.

For a little over three months, the Bean simply offered additional diner-like seating for students in the cafeteria, featuring booths and hanging lights. However, students were pleasantly surprised to come back from December break to find that the brand new coffee shop had finally been constructed (in just a little over a week)! Although the Bean was originally set to open in October, there was a delay due to the need for custom-fit cabinetry.

Students have responded extremely well to the Bean’s opening, and there certainly hasn’t been a shortage of business at the shop. In fact, the first few weeks that the Bean was open, the line for coffee extended into the regular cafeteria seating space. As students have started to spread the word about the delicious frappuccinos, lattes, and other goodies, some favorite drinks have begun to surface. These highly sought-after drinks include the Cookies and Creme Javalanche, a blended drink of vanilla, coffee, and Oreo deliciousness; the Caramel Macchiato, a sweet, warm, caramel-ly beverage; and the Iced Mocha, one of the most popular drinks, a cold coffee-chocolate fusion that can brighten anyone’s day.

The Bean also features a variety of healthy snacks not found in the regular cafeteria. Some of the most popular snacks include Skinny Pop, Clif Bars, and multigrain crackers. Junior Christina Baris appreciates the Bean’s healthy options, noting that “the Skinny Pop was a good idea.” Many other students have also voiced praise for the healthy snacks, including junior Marina Triebenbacher. According to Marina, “It’s nice to see a variety of healthy snack options now available to the students at the Bean. I especially love their granola bars.”

Many students are also happy with the coffee shop’s convenience. Students can simply punch in their lunch code to buy any item at the Bean, so there is no need for time-consuming cash transactions. Additionally, because it is located directly next to the main cafeteria, students can easily stop by the shop during their lunch period to buy a drink. They can also grab a quick treat in between periods too! This is especially helpful for junior Stella Li, who says that her “favorite part about the Bean is its convenient location; it is usually very easy to stop there in between classes.”

Overall, the Bean has had huge success in its first few months of business. Any student you ask will have only good things to say about it coming to Byram Hills. Walking through the hallways, you can catch glimpses of students enjoying their coffees and other drinks, talking with their friends. “I think that having coffee brings students together,” says Christina. “I hope the Byram Bean stays around for a while.”