Say “Ciao” to Mrs. Graniero!

By Zoe Daniel

When did you know you wanted to become a teacher?

That goes way back in the day! I was raised with my sister who is 18 months older than me, and we really grew up like twins, and she had always wanted to become a teacher, so we played together and I was like her ‘student’. That’s kind of how it all started! I really don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to become a teacher.

What is your favorite part of teaching?

Definitely the relationships with students. I don’t like to have any barriers between my students and I. The students really give me enthusiasm for my job – there is always something new!

What do you like most about Byram Hills?

The community – there really isn’t a better place! When I first started at Byram, I didn’t know anyone and it was a bit lonely; but by that December break, I felt like I was at home! All the way from the administration, to the students – I just love the community here.

What was the transition like for you moving from Italy to America?

Well, it has different aspects, but overall I came to this country with my family when my kids were very young. Moving here with my children was a very difficult adjustment and I still don’t know if I handled everything the way that I should have, but I am just happy that everything worked out!

Did you teach while living in Italy?

Yes, I taught in Italy as well. I started when I was around 27, but there are problems with being an educator in Italy. It is very difficult to find a permanent, full time job, so that’s part of the reason why we moved to the US.

What is a fun fact that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I love to sing! That doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a good singer, but I love to sing and I sing all the time. It makes me feel good, and sometimes when I’m singing in church people will admire my voice! I really enjoy it.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

Well, if I go with my heart, I would have to say Italy. I love to go back and visit my family that is still there and spend time with them. But besides that, I think that when people travel they should go somewhere completely different from where they were raised and where they live. It is amazing to go somewhere different from what you experience on a daily basis.