Byram’s 71-50 Victory Against Walter Panas

By Izzy Sullivan

Byram Hills’ first game of sectionals was an outstanding victory against Walter Panas, making Byram Hills the #1 team in New York State.

Byram began the game with their five core players on their home court: Benjamin Leff (#12), Matthew Groll (#5), Matthew Milone (#1), Skylar Sinon (#2), and William Samsen (#3). Walter Panas scored the first two points off of an easy layup. Leff quickly evened out the score, and the game was on. At the end of the first quarter, Byram was in the lead.

Eric Lewerenz (#4), one of the strongest shooters on the team, went into the game for Leff in the second quarter. Lewerenz led the team in 3-pointers, making a total of four. Byram easily pulled out an astonishing score of 43-23 at the half. Byram started the second half ready to continue dominating the game with their five starters. Byram’s lead continued to grow, as they came out of the third quarter 31 points ahead of Walter Panas.

As Byram locked down their win, Coach Repa and Coach Mack started the final quarter with Sam Goldman, the only freshman to make varsity at the beginning of the season. Also during the final quarter, junior Jack Lorenzo and freshman Mike Parotta, who was recently pulled up from Junior Varsity, entered the game. These three athletes played their first Sectional game, with Goldman and Lorenzo both hitting beautiful shots outside of the arch, resulting in 3-pointers for both of them.

The sound of the buzzer ended the game with Byram triumphing in a victory of 71-50, allowing them to advance in the Sectional Tournament. Byram never let their great lead slip away. A spectator of the game, John Walsh, said that “the game was great, the boys played really hard, shot well, and scored big time.” Each and every player for Byram who stepped on the court emptied the tank and the score is evidence of this. The boys had a huge win against Walter Panas and they didn’t let the win get in their heads, as they won the quarterfinals game against Harrison by 20 points as well. Byram has been plowing through teams all season and they aren’t finished yet. Come support the Byram Hills Boys Varsity Basketball team when they play Lourdes in the semifinals at the County Center at 8:15 on Wednesday night!