Makers Behind Byram’s Best Films: Bobcat TV

Have you seen any of Bobcat TV’s new videos? Bobcat TV has been busy this year, from producing highlight videos for the athletic teams to launching video campaigns to raise awareness for various clubs/organizations. Through club presidents Justin Schmalholz and Sam Hollander’s strong leadership, along with Mr. Melso’s advising, Bobcat TV has been thriving.

Bobcat TV was founded in 2005 and has since grown tremendously with some notable milestones. They have come a long away, abandoning the old TV community shared channel, instead turning to a more modern methods: using Facebook and the internet to share their professional videos.


Bobcat TV is essentially the media department for the Byram Hills District. Justin notes, “the main purpose is to highlight student achievement, promote district initiatives, and to aid in internal communication.” The Bobcat TV club gives students the opportunity to learn how to professionally work with cameras and editing software. Students produce their own original content, learn how to edit, and also engage in conversation with the club advisor, Mr. Melso – an award-winning/published producer, editor, and musician – about social media, marketing, and technology. 

Some of the more recent and upcoming projects the film club is working on include a sport related DEN episode; a tv show dedicated to shining a light on student’s talents, a PSA with SWAC to promote wellness day, and prepping for their first-ever live streamed event, which will be the first Boys Varsity basketball playoff game on February 18th. Be sure to watch it live via their Facebook page,

Bobcat TV has a very special dynamic/ Sam notes how “[the members are] very collaborative, [they] all work together to come up with new ideas for videos and [they] bounce ideas off [one another] and work together to execute these ideas. [They] only have one mandatory meeting a month, but the members are encouraged to come in more frequently throughout the week.” The passion for making videos is evident in the members that make up the club  Justin explains how “[he] thinks] that videos are a special type of artwork. Videos are special because they encapture all sorts of different art, in one composition: audio, color, special effects, and motion images.He furthers by saying how ”[his] favorite part of being part of Bobcat TV is being able to come up with an idea and then being able to see that idea come to life. [He] also love[s] coming up with new innovative ways to push media out for our school.”

This year Bobcat TV has began a partnership with the Oracle, so that videos can be posted alongside articles, enriching your experience. They have already made a video to go along with an article about the Oracle’s transition online and are working on a video to go along with the opening of the Byram Bean. Be sure to check out their Facebook and don’t forget to like it.