Emma Fruhling

By Sophie Winston

Seniors Emma Fruhling is athletic, academic, and talented. She is most well known for her position as the starting goalie and team captain for the girls varsity soccer team this past the fall; however, there is much more to her than most people know.

The Ski Team is often overlooked at Byram Hills. It is a lesser known team, yet equally as accomplished. Fruhling is captain of the Ski Team and has brought much success to the team over the course of her high school experience. She loves it because “it is such a close knit group and everyone supports one another.” Emma loves team centered sports and finds herself spending every season playing one. Playing varsity soccer since sophomore year, Fruhling says that “the girls I play with are like my family and I couldn’t have asked for a better team.” Her teammates respect her greatly as one of them. Ramy Berenblum stated, “Emma made the team come together and brought us all closer. This season was one of the most team-oriented years that I have been part of, and Emma was the one who made it this way.”

Emma’s accomplishments at Byram Hills go beyond athletics. Fruhling is the president of the Food Bank club, which collects non perishable foods to supply food for those in need. Emma’s favorite part of her involvement in this club is “knowing that [she is] helping people within my community and making a difference where [she lives].” Emma cares strongly about the community and is willing to reach inside herself to help better the world around her.

Not only does Fruhling have passion and drive in athletics and dedication towards humanitarian clubs, but she is also musically and artistically talented. Emma participates in area all-state band, an accomplishment that she has been working towards since freshman year. Persistent, Emma works with her band teacher and music tutor every week to become stronger with something she loves to do. As well as her musical talent, Emma is also deeply involved with film and television. This is an area in her life that she has wanted to delve into and hopefully continue to be a part of in her life. Emma is certainly well-rounded and has a great amount of drive and motivation for her many passions.

All her hard work certainly has been rewarded. Emma has committed to Ithaca College to play for the women’s soccer team. This was a huge decision in her life that was deeply thought through. Emma wants to delve into film and television in college, which played a huge role in her decision what school she was going to attend. When choosing to commit to college, Emma took into account that she wanted to study this. She knew she also wanted to play soccer when she left Byram Hills to continue her love for this team sport. However, “education was my top priority. I researched their soccer team as well and got in touch with their coach. The moment I stepped on campus, I knew it was the place for me.” It takes a lot in the four years of high school to truthfully claim that you know who you are and what you want. The amount of hard work and passion that must be put in to get to this point is almost insurmountable. Emma got over the hill, made her way to the top, and is now able to ski down the mountain that is her future – and a bright one at that.