Welcome Mr. Jobin!


By Izzy Sullivan

Mr. Jobin, the substitute teacher stepping in for Ms. Barnum at the moment, is not only known as a ‘sub’ to his students, but also called a “genius” by his Algebra 2 students, according to Riley Sullivan. Riley also says that Mr. Jobin is “well-liked by his students and [is] very funny.” Mr. Jobin made his students laugh from the moment he walked into the classroom, sporting a Russian accent. According to Mr. Jobin, he is a “human calculator,” and it would be easier and faster to ask him to perform a calculation, instead of typing numbers into the calculator itself. Read on to learn some more about the math wiz himself!

Where did you teach before coming to Byram Hills?

I taught at Metropolitan High School in the Bronx.

What is different about Byram Hills and Metropolitan High School?

Metropolitan High School was in a very low-income area, with students who have great needs. Many of them also only spoke Spanish.

Question: How long have you been a math teacher?

This is my fourth year teaching math.

When did you decide that you wanted to teach math?

About 4-5 years ago.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I was a computer programmer for a while at Morgan Stanley, I was an actor, and I was in many video games, one of them being Grand Theft Auto.

What are you going to do when Ms. Barnum comes back?

I don’t know, I’ll look for another job probably in this part of Westchester.

Mr. Jobin has done various things in his life that he is proud of, which makes him so unique. How likely is it that your math teacher was a computer programmer, an actor, and in the video game Grand Theft Auto? Mr. Jobin is a great teacher and is respected by his students. Alexa McGrath, one of Mr. Jobin’s Algebra 1 students, says that her first impressions of him were “friendly and approachable.” Although sad that Ms. Barnum left for the year, Byram Hills is lucky to have such an extraordinary math teacher and an overall fantastic individual filling in for her!

(Image by Izzy Sullivan)