An Interview with the Founders of WestchesterEats

By Casey Begleiter

Have you heard about the new app in the making? The app that’s going to make our lives 1,000 times easier! The app that is going to deliver food right to your doorstep from any restaurant of your own choice! Well, if not, keep reading and learn more about this future app created by our own BHHS students that will turn cravings into reality!

What prompted you to start WestchesterEats?

Evan Miller: It’s truly no surprise we got into this type of business . . . high school kids, like us, are almost always ordering food from many different places in our town and others nearby. An app to make ordering food in all of Westchester quicker seemed like the perfect idea. The idea of creating an app came to mind first and was an attainable goal as we have a programmer, Will Cohen, who can tackle any obstacle needed involving coding. Each of us has our own specialty for different marketing and business strategies. The second we came up with the idea of the app, we immediately started brainstorming and working on logos, finances, structure, etc. There hasn’t been a time yet where we have encountered a problem we couldn’t solve. That’s what I believe was the key to having a successful start in the business.

Will Cohen: Well, Westchester is one of the densest counties in New York when it comes to restaurants and the culinary scene in general. There are a ton of restaurants here in Armonk, and also in Westchester. That being said, not many people use online food ordering services, nor do a lot of restaurants use them. Because of this, we wanted to make an app that was tailored specifically to Westchester County, giving the people who use it the most local experience. What this ultimately means is that there will be more of your favorite restaurants on the app to choose from. We know the process of ordering food from the phone is tedious and outdated, and we wanted to make it as personal and efficient of an experience as possible, yet in the form of an app. We also wanted businesses to be able to use our app for bigger and more complex orders, and we have features to accommodate that. We felt that users should be able to order food and reserve tables in one app, and so we made sure that both were possible with WestchesterEats.

How many restaurants do you currently have?  

Lucas Alimonti: Since the app has not launched yet, we have not signed off or contractually agreed with any restaurants to be on board, but we have talked with almost every restaurant in Armonk, and all of them were interested, some more than others. Until the app is ready to be launched, we will not try to get restaurants officially on board.

What future plans do you have to expand?

Robbie Waxman: We have a lot of goals for the future, and we really don’t see any end in sight for how many people we can get on this app. Our goal, of course, is to eventually get all of the restaurants in Westchester on the app so people have unlimited options at their fingertips. Beyond that, we hope to implement new features that we believe can have an impact on anyone in Westchester. With the further support of our friends, family, and the restaurants we are working with, we know that this can be a success.

Who else runs this business with you?

Will Cohen: There are five people who are involved, including Robbie Waxman, Lucas Alimonti, Evan Miller, Zachary Tuzzo, and myself. We all have different roles and jobs specifically geared towards different aspects of the company. I am the head of app development, Robbie Waxman is the head of our sales, Zach Tuzzo manages the financial part of the business, Evan Miller leads our marketing, and Lucas Alimonti is in charge of PR.

How has the support been from all the local restaurants?

Zach Tuzzo: Much like every business, you have to earn your credibility. Unfortunately, we have come upon restaurants that don’t have faith in us or believe we are a legitimate business just because we are kids. However, we have been able to gain the respect of many restaurants because many are genuinely seeking a better method to obtain reservations and orders at a cheaper cost. We offer a highly reliable way for restaurants do so, which has made restaurants want to support us more.

The app is expected to be released early this month so be on the lookout!