Should School Start Later?

By Ellie Reinhardt

As most of Byram Hills patiently waits for that beautiful phone call from Mr. Donahue letting us know that we have a 2 hour delay due to the snow, Byram students are already dreaming about the extra “Z’s” that are in store. This precious time gives us the extra couple of hours of sleep that all teenagers crave. Sleeping longer in the morning avoids bags under our eyes, gives us time to eat a nutritious breakfast, and allows everyone to be in a better mood.

Statistics show that teenagers are supposed to get anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night in order to function properly the following day. This is because we are still in a very crucial stage of our growth and development. Due to the hours and hours of homework and studying, the countless extracurriculars BHHS students are involved in, the many sport commitments, and the time to shower and eat dinner with families, it is nearly impossible for students to fit everything in without staying up at unreasonable hours. Freshman Jenna Adelsberg claims with her busy schedule that “With extracurriculars and all of my schoolwork it is hard to go to bed and have enough sleep.”

Not only are we supposed to be getting this much sleep for our health, but by getting this amount of rest, people are generally happier and better prepared for their upcoming day. Senior Caroline Silpe agrees that “Waking up at 6 am is hard enough with a normal night’s sleep. However, with sports, homework, and other obligations, high school students often compromise sleep to get everything done. A couple extra hours of sleep make huge differences in our work ethics and attitudes, and overall just make us feel a lot better.” People feel more energized and alive, and this transcends into the classroom. Many students are a lot more attentive and involved during class due to this sleep benefit. Not only are the students in a better mood, but the teachers are too. The teachers at Byram benefit from this as well by having a more active class that is ready to learn.

Being a teenager is hard enough with the workload that comes with school. Teens are wired differently than adults when falling asleep. Our bodies have trouble falling asleep early when we are stressed with work and preoccupied with other activities. Our bodies have even more trouble waking up early from a busy night of studying. With more sleep comes a more cheerful person all around and a much more productive work ethic. Overall, the extra hours of sleep would benefit the students in being the best they can be. Who knows, maybe that call from Mr. Donahue can become a reality every day!