Bobcat TV Interviews Harry Malles LIVE!

Bobcat TV is delving into studio Livestreaming and their first segment will be focused on hall monitor Harry Malles.

Did you know that Harry Malles is a professional sports photographer and photographs Ohio State’s Varsity Boys Soccer? Did you know Harry Malles is a train enthusiast? Did you know he likes grilling? Well, you might have known that grilling is his thang, but you might not have known the rest.

If you want to find out more about Harry, Bobcat TV will be interviewing him LIVE this Monday evening at 8pm on their Facebook page. Although Bobcat TV has livestreamed athletic content, this will be an inaugural in-studio livestream interview, so be sure to be a part of history.

“I feel like this is a great step for us,” says Sam Hollander, co-president of Bobcat TV, “There are some high schools out there livestreaming athletics, but there are very few, if any, that are livestreaming professional, studio programming.” Justin Schmalholz, co-president said, “In the professional field livestreaming is one of the fastest growing types of media, and it’s very exciting that we are incorporating this method into our studio and district.”

“I’m really proud of what we we’re doing in here,” said Brian Melso, Club Advisor of Bobcat TV, “Being able to receive local information on a global platform is truly awesome. With 300 live views and over 800 archived views, our first livestream was very successful. It’s exciting and the students are getting some great experience.”

Watch this livestream on Bobcat TV’s Facebook page:

Monday April 24th at 8pm