The Seafood Grill – Armonk’s Newest Restaurant

By James Bastone

The Seafood Grill, a new restaurant in Armonk located at 465 Main Street, is a home run that will be here to stay. The restaurant, which serves Japanese-inspired seafood, lives up to its slogan: “Dock to Dish.” The restaurant is extremely proud of its Sunday brunch menu, as well as being host to one of the only raw bars in the area. The freshness is not only tasted and seen with the food, but it is also present in the atmosphere. The restaurant has the utmost cleanliness that is accompanied by all the natural light that comes into the restaurant. The restaurant also has a nautical feel with a modern twist and in addition to the beautiful inside seating, the restaurant also has a very nice outside seating area that is not quite open yet.  

The excellent service also contributes to the great atmosphere. The staff members are  very nice and engaging. Moreover, my waitress was very informed about the menu and could answer all of our questions, especially regarding the less known Japanese components of the dishes. Additionally, the hostess was very welcoming when we walked in. As part of OpenTable, making a reservation is extremely convenient.


Lobster and burrata salad appetizer (Image by James Bastone).

Not to take anything away from the atmosphere or the service, but the real all-star of the experience was the food. For appetizer, I shared the lobster and burrata salad. The interesting combo, one that you wouldn’t typically expect to be paired, was delicious. The presentation was amazing and the flavors even better. The creaminess of the burrata complemented the sweetness of the lobster very nicely. Furthermore, mache, a corn salad, which came with the lobster and burrata added a touch of Japanese flavor, giving the dish a hint of acidity. The portions were quite generous as well.



FullSizeRender (2)
Hake with wilted spinash, myoga giner, and fermented black bean-yuzu sauce (Image by James Bastone).

For my entree, I ordered the hake with wilted spinach, myoga ginger, and fermented black bean-yuzu sauce. The hake was beautifully cooked – flaky and very moist. The myoga ginger was outstanding, combining the flavor of pickled onions and fresh ginger, giving it an interesting taste. The sauce incorporated fermented black beans and yuzu, a citrus fruit. The dish had a nice balance between sweetness, saltiness, and bitterness. I also saw the salmon burger – a salmon cake topped with frizzled onions and kewpie, a Japanese mayonnaise that puts American mayonnaise to shame for sure – served. The burger was served with seasoned fries. Everyone at my table enjoyed their meals.



Salmon burger (Images by James Bastone).

For dessert, I got the midnight Mousse, which was fantastic. The cake was rich and creamy. The raspberry sauce that topped it offered a very nice freshness and brought sweetness to the dessert, also giving some relief from the chocolate. The dessert was very worthwhile, and if you choose to go, I would definitely recommend saving some room for a sweet treat!


Overall the Seafood Grill was very good and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys seafood. The combination of a vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff and tremendous food makes this restaurant a keeper. The restaurant offers an express lunch and a Happy Hour during the week which is perfect if you do not want to commit to a full night out.

Be sure to stop by the Seafood Grill for a great meal!