How Should Students Spend Their Summer?

By Casey Begleiter

At Byram Hills High School, students spend ten months of the year fully engaged in their academics and extracurricular activities. Each year, beginning after the rush of finals in June, students have their whole summer ahead of them. With that, how should students spend their summers?

13494816_10157074082605594_2213679084210166695_nAs kids grow older, the ever so popular summers spent at sleep-away camps come to an end and many teens must find new ways to spend their summers.  After a year full of schoolwork, tests, and lots of stress, many students decide to take a well-deserved rest and go on family vacations. Others go on teen tours, traveling to various parts of the world with friends of theirs.

Another popular way to spend the summer is working, which is what I’ll be doing. It’s a great way to make money and it’s something to add to your resume, in addition to gaining experience as a working individual. Initially, the idea of working over the summer following a long and tiring school year may seem painful. However, in reality, it really isn’t all that bad. Nolan Sanders, a tenth grade student, is caddying at a golf course over the summer. He shares his perspective of working: “Before I started working, I thought the idea of working all day over the summer seemed miserable. When I started working the job, I found it rewarding, which was refreshing. After a hard day’s work, knowing you made yourself some money is a good feeling. I would really recommend getting a job over the summer to almost all high school students. Not only was working a way to make some money, but I felt that it was a really great tool to help me interact with people in the real world, which will definitely help me in the future. Overall, working is a great experience that I would recommend for everyone.”

Another Byram Hills student explained, “This summer, I’m going to an eight-week coding camp in New York City. Coding is something I’m passionate about and I’m really interested in mastering it. Also, I will be spending a week in Cape Cod with family. In general, over the summer I’ll usually try to do things I would’ve done during the school year but just didn’t have time to do. I think the summer is a great time for students to de-stress and really enjoy themselves. Summer is short so students should just do what they enjoy during their time off from school.”

Students at Byram Hills High School have unique ways they like to spend their summers. There are even many students who spend their summers doing something related to their schoolwork. Those who participate in the Authentic Science Research program often connect with a mentor (a professional in their specific field of study) and spend their summer working on their project with them. Some students even go out of the country to work on their study.  

Overall, summer is always a great way for students to spend some time relaxing and bettering themselves in any way possible.