Is Lunch At BHHS Too Short?

By Samantha Krevolin

It is a great break in the school day. It is a time to get away from the hectic classes and loads of work that bombard students from 7:45 until 2:25. Lunch. Students and faculty are able to socialize with friends, go to extra help, or just enjoy themselves during this period.

At BHHS, there are two lunch periods provided for the students, known as A-lunch and B-lunch. As of now, for drop days 1-8, lunches are 22 minutes long, and on A-day, lunches are 26 minutes long. Unlike the other schools in the district, lunch is not separated by grade at the high school. The way students know what lunch period they have is by what class they have 6th period. For those in the 100s or 200s hallway 6th period, usually they have A-lunch, and those who have 6th period class in the 300s or 400s hallway most of the time have B-lunch. However, there can be some exceptions to this depending on the teacher’s needs. There is also what is known as “ghost lunch” in between A- and B-lunches. This time allows 6th period to maintain the same length as all of the other class periods, and splits up the two lunches. Given this structure, some argue that the lunch periods at BHHS are too short, while others claim that it is enough time.

Some students believe that the length of the lunch periods do not give students enough time to eat a filling lunch. For those who buy lunch, the lines are often long and timely. Because of that, these students have less time to eat their lunch and often do not finish their meals. In addition, some people are slower eaters than others and have to force themselves to eat quickly. Macie Aronsky, a sophomore, is one of many students who believes lunch is currently very brief. She admits that “a longer lunch would allow students to eat a nutritious meal while still being able to socialize or meet with teachers.”

The lunch periods at BHHS are also the shortest of all of the schools in the district. At HCC, the middle schoolers are given a total of 45 minutes for their lunch. This makes sense because it is exactly the same length as all of their other class periods. Additionally, the lunch periods at Wampus and Coman Hill are 45 minutes with some of the time for recess. Although the idea of recess is illogical for high school students, with longer lunch periods, they would be able to use this time for other purposes, such as club meetings, a free period, extra help, etc. It can be difficult for students to fit in everything they need outside of school with all of the extracurriculars provided. Macie also adds that “lunch is supposed to be our ‘break,’ but kids use it for educational purposes as well, such as test taking.” Because of that, this time period would potentially help alleviate this struggle.

On the other hand, some students and faculty at the high school believe the current lunch periods already have the perfect length. Lunch periods are about half the time of a typical class period. It is thought that this planning is done to help make sure the schedules are efficient. For instance, if a change is made, it can negatively affect ghost lunch, or may no longer even exist. The current circumstance allows the students to have more time spent learning than socializing. Class time is very valuable to both students and teachers. Knowing that, the shorter lunches give all members of BHHS optimal time for the best learning experience. Also, the time given for lunch gives kids just enough time to eat lunch and take a short break in the middle of the day before going back to class. Sometimes if lunch is too long, students believe it is excessive and unnecessary. Samantha Buchbinder, a sophomore at neighboring Rye Country Day School, has some lunch periods that she believes are too long. She claims that “most days my lunch is 40 minutes long. However, some days I have lunch for 70 minutes. On those days I feel it is too long, and makes my schedule very complicated.” Recognizing the problems other schools face, BHHS has chosen to make lunch shorter in order to avoid these issues.

Overall, the debate on the length of lunch is still ongoing and many students have different opinions on it. BHHS should take these different viewpoints into consideration, and see what they could do in the future to make lunch the most optimal amount of time. It is important to remember that this change will not happen right away, but finding a solution will be very beneficial for future years at the high school.