The Last Days for Seniors

By Ellie Reinhardt

After twelve years filled with friends, homework, and tests, it is hard to believe that everything is coming to a close as the seniors approach the end of their thirteenth year of school at Byram Hills. The majority of the seniors have been accepted into their dream schools and are adjusting to their internships. School work, tests, and quizzes are no longer stressors and overall these seniors have adopted quite a nonchalant attitude! In fact, this behavior began long before internships started. This typical behavior for a second semester senior is well known as ‘Senioritis’.

As May approached and the weather got warmer, the seniors no longer prioritized their schoolwork. In fact, most seniors have not been working much since earlier this year. Senior Jake Reinhardt claims that, “Everyone starts to lose motivation when acceptance letters start to come out.” Once a senior is in college, they no longer have to keep their grades as high as they usually would want. This results in typical Senioritis behavior such as not doing homework, coming late to school, and sleeping and watching movies in class, just to name a few!

This makes the teachers’ jobs much harder, as they try and encourage their students that school isn’t over just yet. This overly-relaxed attitude also rubs off on other students, causing them to think that their work is also over. Thankfully, Byram Hills decided to make an internship program where the seniors leave school in the months of May and June to intern somewhere that they find interesting or beneficial for their future. This allows the rest of the school to get back on track while the seniors get to do something that they take interest in.

While the seniors are attending their internships, they also participate in the Senior Assassin Game. The seniors grab a watergun, find a partner, receive a target, and try and shoot them with their water guns! This game has been a tradition for the seniors at Byram for many years, and the seniors absolutely love the fun and spirit of the game. The last team standing receives a cash prize composed of money that all the seniors paid before starting the game.

Being a senior is quite the break from the strenuous work that has been done throughout a student’s time at Byram, and it’s certainly a time to make their friendships stronger before they head off to college. Although everyone seems to want to rush to the next chapter of their lives, many can’t deny that nostalgic feeling you get when looking back on all of your years at school!