Field Day at Wampus Elementary School

By Lily Moss

The annual Field Day at Wampus Elementary School is a day many Byram Hills students and teachers alike will never forget. It is a day of fun and excitement, where Wampus students enjoy relays, games, and competitive activities. The students are split into 3 teams based on who their teacher is. With summer approaching, students are able to enjoy the beautiful weather by spending time outside of the classroom with their teachers and peers. Each year, the juniors at the high school have the opportunity to volunteer their time running a variety of activities with the goal of making this favorite year-end event a day to remember.

There were approximately 65 high school volunteers leading the events. Activities ranged from a typical game of soccer, to a challenging obstacle course. Rebecca Fink, a junior volunteer, explained, “it was so exciting being able to relive Field Day. It was something I always looked forward to from the start of each year at Wampus.” There were around 20-30 different stations and about 2-4 high school volunteers worked at each. Junior Emily Cooper included, “it was very cool to be the ‘teacher’ in a way, but also made me realize how much work and energy is needed to lead an activity.” Juniors led the activities by organizing all of the younger kids and telling them exactly what they had to do for that activity station, making the juniors a crucial part to the running of the event.

Field Day is not just a day of fun and excitement, but it also fosters team building. Through competitive and noncompetitive play, kids learn what it takes to work together. Field Day builds school spirit and helps establish closer relations between students. The events teach leadership, organization, and promotes the importance of physical activity all in one day. It is not only a great way to celebrate the end of a school year, but it is also a day for the younger students to have fun and enjoy a break from school. In the process, juniors finish the day feeling more confident, empowered, and energized.