Nurse By Day, EMT By Night

By Zoe Daniel

Did you know that our school nurse, Mrs. Gallagher, works as an EMT and a firefighter in her free time, or that she used to work in a NYC hospital? Mrs. Gallagher is one of the friendliest and most-well liked people around Byram, and each day she works to keep Byram happy and healthy!

(Drawing by Mr. Lopez)

What made you want to become a nurse, and more specifically, a school nurse?

Wow – we’re going way back now! I’ve always had an interest in helping people when they are sick or injured. I’ve felt that way since I was four years old – my mother said that I used to put bandaids in my pockets before I went out to play. It definitely has always been my passion. So, for twenty years I was a hospital nurse, and because I have four kids, I stumbled upon school nursing and I felt that that would be a better schedule for my family. I definitely fell in love with it!

What is a fun fact about you that most people would not know?

I’m a firefighter and an EMT in Armonk! I go out on calls anytime that I’m not in school – so in the afternoon, the evenings, or overnight when there are emergencies in town.

What do you like most about Byram?

I just love the kids! I was in Coman Hill for a few years, and then I moved to the middle school for almost ten years, and as kids get older, they just get better. I love the population that I work with!

What do you like most about nursing and what do you find most rewarding?

I love being able to educate – that is my favorite thing in the whole world. Teaching kids about health and safety is a wonderful thing.

Have you ever worked as a nurse anywhere else?

I worked at New York Hospital, in the city, for twenty years.

Other than nursing, have you worked in any other job fields?

I have not! Other than my volunteer jobs, I’ve always worked as a nurse.

Mrs. Gallagher, one of the friendliest faces at Byram, is a pleasure to be around and we appreciate all that she does around school to keep the environment safe and healthy. The next time you pop into the nursing office, ask about her exciting volunteer job as an Armonk firefighter!

* Caricature in cover photo drawn by Mr. Lopez