Boys Varsity Soccer Beats Eastchester and Earns League Title

By Izzy Sullivan

Yesterday, the Byram Hills Boys Varsity Soccer team beat Eastchester to win the League title. Eastchester and Byram are teams that play very similarly and have been battling for the top ranking this season. This was the most important game for Byram yet this season, and it was assumed to be a very close game.

Throughout the game, Byram and Eastchester had an equal amount of possession, as the ball was going back and forth. Although nobody was dominating, Byram was testing the keeper with chance after chance.

Early in the first half, Mike Kalian banged a header into the goal off of one of Ryan Noel’s corner kicks, putting Byram up 1-0. Unfortunately, within the next play, Eastchester did the same thing, scoring a header off of a corner kick, tying up the game. Luckily for Byram, they got fouled in the box, which resulted in Ryan Noel scoring a beautiful penalty kick, putting Byram Hills in the lead.

The score was 2-1 within the first 20 minutes. The first half continued to be a back and forth possession game until Jordan Drossman chipped a long ball from the midfield to Danny Friedman, who sped past the defenders, did a couple of moves, and passed the ball right past Eastchester’s goalie. Byram especially loves to use Danny Friedman’s speed up top, as the midfielders continuously play great balls over the top and down the sideline for him to run onto. This put Byram up 3-1 when the half ended, hopefully securing their victory.

The second half was the same as the first. Byram was sending great balls to each other, and their possession continued to remain persistent. Closer to the end of the game, Noel got a ball near the corner flag and faked out 3 defenders. One of the defenders fouled Noel, so he got a PK. His shot was deflected off the goalie and did not go in. Noel bounced back by getting the rebound off the keeper and heading the ball in the top left corner for his second goal of the game. There were about 10 minutes left when Byram raised their lead to 4-1.

Byram ended up keeping their lead for the rest of the game and walking off the field with a 4-1 win and a league title. This game put Byram Hills in a deadly spot for sectionals. The boys are coming in with a League title and a hunger for more victories. Come watch these league champions today for their senior game on the turf!