Girls Varsity Soccer Victorious over Brewster 3-0; Gets Spot in Sectionals

By Zachary Milewicz

Yesterday afternoon, the Byram Hills Girls Varsity Soccer team went head to head with Brewster, fighting to get a spot in sectionals.

Izzy celebrates her goal, which gave Byram a 1-0 lead.

The ball went back and forth between the two teams throughout the first half. The Bears had a powerful shot with just under six minutes remaining in the first half, but goalie Amanda Nivash grasped onto the ball, let it slip from her hands, and then dove to quickly regain possession, ultimately stopping Brewster’s attempt to take the lead. The first half ended 0-0; neither team was able to place the ball past the goalie.

But Byram rushed onto the field filled with energy for the second half. The girls were ready to take control of the game and did so immediately. Just a few minutes into the start of the second half, sophomore Izzy Sullivan scored the first goal of the game. After scoring, she says she thought to herself, “Okay, this game’s ours . . . Now it begins!” However, even though Izzy’s goal put Byram in the lead, the game was not over yet. Izzy’s energy was contagious, and fellow sophomore Kallie Hoffman scored shortly after—in the 54th minute of the game.

To maintain this 2-0 lead, Byram was sure to keep the ball away from Brewster’s offense. Efforts included a strong header from senior Ashley Rawn, pushing the action back towards Byram’s offense. And with 22 minutes left in the game, Hoffman shot again, but it was nicely saved by Brewster. Determined to make up for this missed attempt, Kallie tried to shoot once more after running up the field and receiving a pass via header from junior Ava Duffey, who was playing with the Varsity team for the first time.

Enrica shoots past the goalie, securing Byram’s 3-0 victory.

With just over four minutes left in the game, senior Enrica Brooke had the top of the field nearly scarce of opposition. Brooks made a go for it and after some fumbling with the ball, kicked it in past the green goalie to bring Byram’s lead to 3-0. Only a few final minutes remained; Byram had secured the win. The level of confidence was evident: smiles scattered across the turf.

In the final two minutes, Brewster threatened to disrupt the shutout after being fouled and taking a corner kick, but Byram kept the ball away.  

The game concluded as a win for Byram with a score of 3-0, and the boys team stormed the field ready to follow in the victorious footsteps. The girls take on Nanuet this afternoon. Be sure to pack the bleachers and support the team as they hope to emerge winners once again!