How is the Authentic Science Research Leadership Transition?

By Seth Morrison

At the end of last year, Mr. Keith retired from his position as the head of the  Authentic Science Research (ASR) program. He led the ASR program for a very long time, and he was held in very high regards by many students and colleagues; almost no one wanted to see him leave. For his passion and personal interest in his work, his legacy is one that will not be soon forgotten. Dylan Mack said that “He was really passionate about what he did,” as evidenced by all the support he got during the 2017 Science Research Symposium at the end of last school year; it was one of those moments where people started applauding after every few sentences he spoke on the stage. It was his passion and kindness that earned the respect of everyone in the ASR program. But how has the ASR program been faring since he retired?

Interestingly, it was a relatively smooth transition. The new head of the ASR program is Mrs. Greenwald, and she has been leading the program well ever since she stepped into the position. She only recently became the leader of the program, but she has been teaching in the ASR program for a very long time. Zachary Milewicz, a senior in the science research course, comments, “She was my teacher the past two years, and since she has stepped into her new role, she has only been of more support.” In addition, a Dr. Matthew has become a teacher in the ASR program, and she proved to be a pleasant addition to the program. Mrs. Salomone is still a teacher in the program, so that much has stayed the same. It would seem possible for the way the program works to be turned upside down when the leader passes the torch, but that was not the case here. Mrs. Greenwald says, “We got the program running together,” so it was a very smooth transition. So, while no one can ever be Mr. Keith, his departure from the program didn’t cause the program to collapse. Because of the support of all the teachers and students involved, the ASR program had passed the torch successfully to Mrs. Greenwald.