Welcoming Mrs. Gewitz!

By Lauren Amico

Now that the new school year has begun, students have been able to get to know Mrs. Gewitz, a new addition to the social studies department at Byram Hills. This is Mrs. Gewitz’s first year in the district. For her first 7 years as an educator, she taught in South Huntington on Long Island and later taught in Great Neck for 5 years. She now teaches four sections of freshman and one section of sophomores.

Self-described as “passionate, fun, and a life long learner,” Mrs. Gewitz has always loved teaching. She recalls lining up all her dolls when she was a child and using a chalkboard to teach them. She loves the excitement of a new lesson and enjoys teaching a subject she is enthusiastic about. To her, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is seeing the relationships that develop in the classroom where she hopes to foster students’ love for history. Interestingly enough, initially, Mrs. Gewitz was going to be a math teacher. This changed when she took a course in college about civil rights in U.S history and realized she had a deep interest in social studies. The professor’s passion for what he was teaching instilled a love for history in her, and she hopes to share that with her students.

When asked what her favorite part about working at Byram Hills was, she replied, “I think this is a really close-knit, amazing community and the students genuinely want to learn. I’ve never seen more inquisitive students in any other school I’ve taught at.” Mrs. Gewitz expresses that it has been a wonderful experience for her so far and she treasures the relationships she is forming with her students.

Mrs. Gewitz serves as an excellent addition to our school community. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for her students!