How 5 BHHS Students Spent Their Summers

By Lily Moss

After a long 10 months of studying, homework and extracurriculars, it is certain that BHHS students are ready for a break. Students have a bit more than 8 weeks to spend their time however they choose without the pressures of school to limit them. However, not everyone chooses to spend this coveted free time the same. The Oracle spoke with 5 BHHS students about the different things they chose to do with their summers.

Many students at Byram chose to go to sleep away camp for several weeks. While the amount of time students are at camp varies, it is certainly a popular way for students to spend some of their time during the summer. Lola Minutillo, a freshman at BHHS, said, “I went to camp with my friends for half the summer.” Another student enjoying their summer at sleepaway camp is 10th grader Adam Moss. Adam said he “went to sleepaway camp for seven weeks. [He] also traveled around the west coast from Colorado to California with [his] camp friends.” This trip consisted of traveling to different camping grounds and famous sites, while also exploring the exciting cities on the west coast.

While going away or traveling can be enjoyable for some students, others stayed local and took jobs for the summer. Robbie Waxman, a junior at Byram Hills, “was a caddy at the Whippoorwill Club while also teaching private tennis lessons.” Having a job during the summer is a beneficial way to have first-hand experience in employment, while also making money. As we are maturing, many students recognize the importance of being independent and getting a job. Also working this summer was senior Dani Stein who said she, “worked at Kickapoo Day Camp for 6 weeks.”

Differently, senior Rebecca Fink explained, “This summer was a critical time in the college process for seniors. I started my college essays while getting ahead in my applications. I also traveled to the University of Michigan to take a law and psychology course for two weeks. This gave me a chance to experience what college life would be like.” While the summer does allow students to relax and enjoy time off from school, it can also mean catching up and preparing for the next year, especially for seniors. The summer between junior and senior year is the last before the seniors go to college, and many chose to use this time to focus on the college process.

It is evident that as our time as high schoolers comes closer to an end, our summers are becoming increasingly more focused on academics and employment while having less leisure time to do things that we were once able to do. The time during summer seems to be spent differently depending on the age of the students at BHHS. Nevertheless, the summer of 2017 was a well-spent break for Byram students and they are ready for the upcoming year!