The Astronomy Club: Reaching for the Stars

By James Bastone

It may be the club known for their wacky ads featuring famed astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson or the club that actually uses the planetarium, but members would prefer just the Astronomy club. The club is run by Mr. Fuller, a Regents Physics teacher at Byram Hills High School, and Juniors Josh Freedman and Moses Zhang. Mr. Fuller’s goals for the club are to “[host] anybody who wants to be able to view through the telescope at the school and to foster community education about astronomy and for the club to act as a mouthpiece of astronomy for the the public”. Co-president Josh adds that “anyone with a genuine interest or even a slight interest in astronomy should join the club”. The club is really trying to engage the community and allow everyone to enjoy astronomy. Additionally, fellow leader Moses adds, “ the Astronomy Club is a great place to share space-related events and even get to observe them.” The astronomy club is also a place for people with an interest in photography; Josh explained, “people are able to put adapters in their camera which are connected to one of the school’s telescopes allowing students to take images of the sky.” The astronomy is truly a place where students can take part in a community to watch the stars.

The club has a meeting every first Friday of each month to discuss the logistics of the club as well as future endeavors. The club goes to the planetarium whenever the weather allows because it is impossible to see any astronomical wonders with clouds blocking the spectator’s’ view. Another issue the club faces is that it is only possible to view the sky at night time, but this could change as Mr. Fuller said the “club is planning to acquire a solar telescope by the end of the year.”This will allow the club to view the sun during the day, making it easier to hold meetings during or right after school hours. The club will also go to the planetarium to see any current astronomical wonders playing out.

The club also has a newsletter that breaks down all major astronomical events happening with astronomy every month. The newsletter is distributed through a blogspot and will be made available to all students and faculty. You can also join the club classroom if you would like to learn more; the code is hf2fke4. You can find out even more about the club and all things astronomy by viewing their bulletin board next to Mr. Carpenter’s room.