Mr. Quirolo: Byram’s Newest Guidance Counselor

By Drew Siskin

Mr. Quirolo, BHHS’s newest guidance counselor for freshmen, is not only a great counselor but a friend to anyone in need. He describes himself as, “a team player, collaborative, and helpful.” Additionally, Mr. Quirolo is easy to talk to and really knows how to make you laugh! When walking into Mr. Quirolo’s office, students feel like they’re on their couch at home. While this may be Mr. Quirolo’s first year at Byram, he has worked in a plethora of other schools as well. Previously, Mr. Quirolo worked for 20 years at Iona Prep School. He has also worked at Mamaroneck High School and Pelham High School.

At these schools, Mr. Quirolo says he did not always work as a guidance counselor. Prior to being one, Mr. Quirolo was a teacher, assistant principal, and even a principal. When asked why he became a school counselor, Mr. Quirolo mentioned the inspiration from his godmother: “The moment she mentioned it, I knew it was my calling.” As a guidance counselor, Mr. Quirolo says the most important part of his job is “being helpful and helping kids develop.” He explains that he enjoys seeing kids “achieve better organization skills and become an even better student.” Mr. Quirolo notes that an important quality for high school students is resilience. He explains, “Students need to consider how resilient they are, and they need to have a growth mindset in order to be successful in high school”.

Mr. Quirolo expresses that his transition into Byram Hills has been quite smooth. He says that “Byram Hills students really do have a culture that embraces rigor, learning, and shared responsibilities; it’s a place where you are really apart of a team.” Byram Hills is fortunate to have added such a good inspiration to its guidance department. The freshmen are excited to be the first group of students to get to know Mr. Quirolo!