Is Bowling Right Up Your Alley?

By Natalie Hooker

Some students may have heard the exciting news already: there is a big addition to Byram Hills list of sports and clubs! This addition is the Byram Bowling team. While the creation of this team is well underway, it is still very early on so some logistical details remain undecided. In researching more about Byram’s new, exciting club, I had the opportunity to sit down and interview the team’s co-captains/co-creators, juniors Alicia Jacovatos and Hannah Tolz.

Alicia and Hannah came up with the idea back in May. When asked what their inspiration for starting a bowling team for the school was, Alicia explained, “We couldn’t find a club that we liked. We didn’t feel any club was our place or right for us, so we wanted to start an activity that was less competitive. We wanted to be able to join and offer something that was more based on having fun while also getting exercise and hanging out with friends. People of all skill sets will be included. The Bowling team will be very inclusive.” Hannah added, “I have enjoyed bowling from the time I was young, so it is a big interest of mine. This school has a bit of a habit of putting emphasis on competition, so this will be refreshing to be on a team that isn’t revolved around that and that has an inclusive spirit.”

Currently, there are about 20 kids interested, but there will be more clarification on exactly how many are joining after the official interest meeting in November. Mr. Kaplan will coach the team. Alicia said the team will most likely practice and play at Spins bowling alley in Mount Kisco, though it’s not definite yet.

From my interview with the team’s founders, it is clear that this new team will have a unique and relaxed attitude that focuses more on having fun, rather than performing to reach certain standards. The Byram Bowl will be a fun and healthy way to stay active in the school community. Hannah noted, “Our goal is for people to have fun and to eventually take it from being only a club to making it a varsity sport. In becoming a varsity sport, we will have the opportunity to actually compete against other schools’ teams. But for now at least, we are just focusing on developing our skills as a team.” The bowling team will pride themselves on promoting inclusivity and encouraging all students to try a new sport. Junior Melissa Kronengold said, “I think the bowling team is a good addition to our school because it may not have been something other schools have thought to include, and it has the potential to bring our school community together.” Sophomore Jordyn Jacobson added, “This is definitely a more unique school activity for people to take part in, but I think that is what makes it appealing to students; it’s fresh and something that has never been offered before. It certainly adds diversity to the choices of sports teams. I am eager to see what this team will bring to our school.” This team is a nice option for kids who wish to take part in the school community and school spirit but haven’t found their place. This addition is especially nice for those who are not as athletic, but would like to be included in an exciting and physical activity.

There will be an interest meeting this month for the Byram Bowl. The team will begin playing in the winter, as a winter sport only. Byram Bowl will be open for all grades of kids who wish to join. For more information on details of the Byram Bowling team, please reach out to Coach Kaplan, or captains Alicia Jacovatos and Hannah Tolz.