Freshmen Transition

By Amanda Anikstein

Upon entering high school, incoming freshmen sometimes feel nervous, uncomfortable, and anxious. However, many of my peers and I assimilated into the new environment rather quickly, as all of our nerves were put to ease. Byram Hills High School makes sure that all freshmen feel as relaxed as any high school student may ever feel. Byram Hills offers many activities, events, and classes, in which students have the opportunity to get to know older students, the school, and all that BHHS has to offer!
One of the programs Byram Hills provides for the Freshmen is the mentor program, which takes place first period every day for all Freshmen throughout the first semester of the school year. Senior mentor, Ethan Anikstein, says that mentor is “a relaxing and fun environment where freshmen can smoothly adjust to the academic and social challenges of high school.” Other students describe their mentors as “very nice and helpful because [their mentors] helped [them] get through the first days of school.” Others explained that “the activities [in mentor class] are a great way to start off the day!” Yogi Ball, a fun, and competitive sports game, resembling kickball, between each mentor class, is an amazing way to start the day. It is just another way to become closer to your classmates while starting off your day the right way. The mentor program is just one of the multiple ways that Byram Hills makes the transition to the high school much easier.
Another way in which the transition to high school is made easier is through the participation of many students in sports. Byram Hills offers a variety of sports, occurring at different times throughout the year, including students from all grades. One student said, “Playing a fall sport made the transition [to high school] easier. I was comfortable going into the high school because I already knew a bunch of kids.” I personally joined the JV Tennis Program during the fall season. My teammates always make an effort to say hello in the hallways and we all still continue to play tennis together. Deciding to play a sport was definitely the right decision for me. The sports programs at BHHS create a fun and active way to develop relationships with upperclassmen, with whom you may share common interests.
Byram Hills offers a variety of programs to make the freshmen transition into high school as smooth and least nerve-wracking as possible. Consider joining a club or a sports team; you will be surprised at how much more comfortable and stress-free you will feel by simply getting involved and meeting new people!