Should lunch be longer?

By Chloe Weissman

Throughout the week, students look forward to the time of the day where they can sit back, relax and eat a healthy lunch to re-energize them for the rest of the day. However, many times this is not a reality given the short lunch period. Students constantly do not have enough time to purchase food or even eat at a relaxed pace. Sam Lubcher, a freshman at BHHS, said, “Lunch period should be longer because it would allow students to have more time to eat and enjoy their food, more time to study, and more time to complete work. The students would be less stressed and be more successful.”

A student catching up in homework during lunch.

To solve this issue, Byram Hills should make lunch a whole period (49 minutes) instead of half of a period (23 minutes). Students need a “substantial time in their day to decompress and relax from the rigorous schedules and studies,” as senior from BHHS, Emily Cooper said. For someone who has recently transitioned from the middle school to the high school, I enjoyed lunch at the middle school better. I felt that I had ample time to reflect on my day and head into the second portion of the day in a more positive mood.

When lunch is longer, the students also have more time to buy and eat a healthier meal. Ruth Beinhacker, a junior at BHHS, expressed that, “Since the lines are so long, you have no time to eat or are forced to eat bags of chips instead of a healthy meal or sandwich.” Moreover, many times students will wait in a sandwich line for the full lunch period and have to eat their sandwich while walking to class or in class (if their teacher allows them to). This is most definitely not a pleasant situation for BHHS students! Furthermore, an aspect of school is to be able to socialize with your friends, and lunch is a great time to converse with friends. But with such a short period, it’s no wonder conversations continue into the next period and students are still not finished catching up with their friends! Other high schools such as the ones in Ardsley, Harrison, and Chappaqua have 45 minutes to eat lunch. This further demonstrates how we are robbed of enough time to eat!

For these reasons, lunch should be extended at Byram Hills to provide a substantial amount of time for students to relax and prepare for the rest of the day. Not only does Sam Lubcher, Emily Cooper and Ruth Beinhacker believe that lunch should be longer, but many other students also share the same belief. Hopefully, lunch can be extended and some of your stress may be relieved!