How is BHHS Spending a Much Needed December Break?

By Olivia Scaglione

Walk down the halls of Byram Hills High School and you will certainly hear at least one student say, “I’m so tired!” Luckily, students have a week of relaxation coming up to look forward to: December break. December break is a time for students to travel, spend time with family and friends, and catch up on their sleep.

Over break, some students are looking forward to going on vacation with their family. Freshman Alexa Jindal explains how she is looking forward to spending her break in the warm weather. “My family and I are going on a cruise in the Caribbean and spending two nights in Miami. I’m excited to relax poolside and forget about school!” With the first day of Winter being just two days before December break starts, who wouldn’t want to spend break in the warm sun?

Some upperclassmen will be spending December break visiting colleges and many will have just gotten back their college acceptance letters. Junior Nick Scaglione is spending his time off visiting colleges. “I am visiting Syracuse over winter break. I also know a few of my friends are taking advantage of time off to go visit schools.” On the other hand, seniors who applied to colleges in early November, may be hearing back from schools around the time December break starts, making this break a great time to evaluate which college might be right for them.

While many may be traveling or using this week to do other things, many students are primarily using this time for what December break was made for: celebrating the holidays. Freshman Emma Trembone is spending her December break celebrating Christmas with her family. “Christmas is the highlight of my December break every year. The days leading up to Christmas, my family and I bake Christmas cookies and watch Christmas movies. After Christmas, I spend the rest of break using my gifts and wearing my new clothes.” Emma also mentioned that she plans to spend the New Year’s holiday with her friends.

Most importantly, students are also using break to simply relax and catch up on their sleeping schedules. With all of the stress of tests and sports, when break arrives, many students just want to do absolutely nothing. Girls varsity basketball player Olivia Picca is looking forward to doing just that. “We still have practices over break, but for the time I’m not playing basketball, I am going to be just chilling and resting my body. Having practice six days a week plus games and school work can be exhausting, so I’m looking forward to break to relax.”

Not only do students use December break as a time to unwind and relax, but teachers do too! Global teacher Mrs. Fallon mentioned that over December break she plans to spend time with family and celebrate the holidays. She is looking forward most to seeing her brother who lives in Spain and spending time with her son. December break is a great time for students and teachers alike to spend time with their family.

Whether you are staying in Armonk, traveling to a tropical destination, celebrating the holidays, or spending time with family and friends, December break is something everyone at Byram is looking forward to. So, the next time you hear yourself complaining about how tired and stressed out you are, remind yourself that December break is just a few weeks away!