Stuck on Finding a Holiday Gift?

By Drew Siskin

Girls: Gift Ideas

Apple Charging Case (Apple: $99)

  • These days, kids seem to be always on their phones and sometimes the girls even more! It’s inevitable for their phone to run out of battery all of the time. This holiday season, get a charging case for them so they can make sure their device is always functioning!

Ugg Slippers (Ugg: $120)

  • A great gift for the girl who wants to look comfy and cute at the same time.  Great for not only inside the house, but they can be worn out as well!

Bath Bombs (Lush: $4.50- $8.95)

  • For the girl who needs to take some time to herself and relax. Not only will these bath bombs make for a relaxing evening in, but also an Instagram worthy bathtub!

100Percent Beads Choker (Etsy: ~$60)

  • A great purchase for anyone into jewelry! Chose from charms such as evil eyes or hamsas. For a more simple look, chose a necklace with a simple charm. A great gift for anyone, no matter what their style.

Brandy Melville Clothing (~$30)

  • Don’t know what to get? Try Brandy Melville for something trendy that she will definitely like. From sweatpants to t-shirts, anything from Brandy would be a great gift.

Dad: Gift Ideas

Coffee Maker (Amazon: $27.99)

  • A great gift for dad, but also for the whole family! Especially for his morning coffee, get him something to make his morning routine a bit simpler. Instead of running to the coffee shop, bring the coffee shop to him!

Coffee Mug (Amazon:: $7.50)

  • As the winter seasons approach, Dad will definitely need a mug to hold his warm beverages. Used for hot chocolate on a freezing day or even daily for that hot cup of coffee before work.

Amazon: Alexa (Echo: $100, Dot: $50)

  • For your techy dad, the Amazon Alexa is your custom robot! From the weather to the time Alexa has always got your back.

Chocolate (Pack of 12- Amazon: $17.24)

  • Something not too pricey, but definitely something he would love. If he has a sweet tooth, he will be bound to love some chocolate. Who knows… if they are in the holiday spirit, they might even share some with you!

Picture Frame (Amazon: $15)

  • Who doesn’t love a picture of their children? Make your dad happy with something so simple yet so unique at the same time. After all, who wouldn’t want to look at their children when they are at the office?

Boys: Gift Ideas

College Sweatshirt (Dick’s Sporting Goods: $59.99)

  • With this being the latest trend and people getting admitted into schools, this should be right up his alley.

JBL Speaker (Amazon: $79.99)

  • Who wouldn’t love an amazing speaker to blast music all around the house? To be used for hanging out with friends and even just for downtime. Great for the guy who loves music!

Beats Headphones (Amazon: $130)

  • Amazing headphones to use anywhere on the go. Not only can you bring them with you to travel or to school, but they are also perfect for when the rest of the house is sleeping to jam out music until you fall asleep.

Apple Music ($9.99 per a month)

  • Something for everyone to love, especially anyone into music! Not only affordable but something he is guaranteed to adore.

Amazon Gift Card (Any amount!)

  • Don’t know what to buy? Whoever you are looking for can buy whatever they want for any amount you are willing to spend. Really, who cannot find something they don’t love on Amazon?

Mom: Gift Ideas

Diptyque Candle (Amazon: $64)

  • Cute candles that smell great! They are stunning and would look amazing in anyone’s bedroom or kitchen. Not only will mom love it, but so will the whole house.

Perfume Sampler (Sephora: $65)

  • Who wouldn’t love to try out new perfumes, then pick their favorite and be able to get the full bottle? After all, trying a new perfume once a month does sound like fun. You never know which one you will enjoy the most!

Longchamp Bag (Nordstrom: $145)

  • A nice looking, simple, and versatile bag to be used for any occasion. In a variety of colors, so chose mom’s favorite! Amazing for travel or even for work.

Starbucks Gift Set (Starbucks: $35)

  • For the mom that is always stopping at Starbucks for an iced coffee in the morning, she will be sure to love this! If mom always goes out to grab Starbucks, bring Starbucks to her!