SugarHi: The Sensational Sweet Shop

By Olivia Canter

Picture a sweet-scented magical candyland, overflowing with bright irresistible treats. Well, that amazing childhood board-game exists in the form of SugarHi. Located right in Armonk, it opened this October and has been the popular destination for those with a sweet tooth!

Twin sisters Hillary Assael and Elissa Weinhoff run this fabulous business together. Elissa explains that, “My twin sister has had a cake business for 15 years and she wanted to take it to the next level, so she asked me to team up with her and open up a sweet shop.” But, they still act like sisters; Elissa exclaims, “It’s great to work with my sister. We argue a little sometimes, but that’s what sisters do.”

Their partnership seems to be working very well, but Elissa explains that it was “a lot of hard work.” However, their great effort has paid off, as business is booming and they are always busy with hungry customers.

So, why should you visit SugarHi? Well, they have practically everything there! From gorgeous pop tarts, crazy cakes, milkshakes, and huge cookies, it’s hard to choose. They also have chocolate covered everything- chocolate covered oreos, pretzels, graham crackers, rice krispie treats, and even potato chips. And don’t forget about the refreshing ice cream and outrageous candy selection. Elissa’s favorites on the menu are funfetti cookies and the homemade snickers bar.

Senior Chris Milano raves about SugarHi, “I like the crazy milkshakes. I think they are fun and taste good. It is like we have a little bit of the city in our town. It’s like the new Black Tap—but with way more variety!” SugarHi earns this reputation too. Elissa explains that “We have a lot of bakers that work very hard and bake everything fresh.”

The holidays are coming up, which means it’s that time of the year to pick out desserts. Excitingly, Elissa describes that, “there is a whole holiday menu. We are doing Hanukkah and Christmas ring dings and jelly donuts.” SugarHi is the perfect place to get your treats for the upcoming festivities!

Lulu Canaan, an employee at SugarHi, exclaims how much she loves her job. “It’s fun and busy, and I really like to make treats.” Lulu has tasted a variety of sweets at SugarHi, and when asked which treat is her favorite, she explained “I don’t have a favorite treat – I absolutely love everything!”

What do the customers have to say about this amazing shop? All of the reviews were extremely enthusiastic, and people are going on and on about how much they love the new destination. Lizzie Manowitz, a freshman at Byram, says, “It is a fun place for kids and adults to go and hang out together while enjoying fun desserts.” In addition, it is also a great location for Fridays after school, many kids walk to town just to go to SugarHi.

What makes SugarHi so much better than other candy stores? Freshman Lorraine Disano explains, “It is the first shop I have seen that genuinely has everything. There is a bakery, candy store, and ice cream parlor all in one, and it is right in the center of town!”

Next time you are hungry or craving some sugar, don’t forget about SugarHi. The first time you go there will certainly not be your last!