Nate Bergman: The Freshman Showstopper!

By Dani Cronin

It is no secret that the Byram Hills theater department has a surplus of musical and theatrical talent! This year the Varley Players, the theater group at BHHS, welcomed an extremely talented freshman, Nate Bergman, to the stage! Premiering in his first high school performance this fall, Nate secured the lead role of Bobby Strong in the musical Urinetown. Earning a primary role in any BHHS production takes immense talent and hard work, so landing this role as a freshman was quite a big deal! Anyone in the cast, crew, or audience can agree that Nate’s performance was nothing short of spectacular! From beautifully belted high notes to dramatic monologues, he left the crowd in awe!

Although it may be hard to believe, Nate has only been involved in theater for about a year. Prior to the fall show, he had acted in a few musicals, earning lead roles as Evan in Thirteen and the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz. He performed with companies such as Broadway Workshop and Random Farms, and also attended French Woods. He joined The Varley Players in September, not knowing what to expect, but said that he ended up having an amazing experience with the high school’s drama department. One of Nate’s favorite aspects of the production was that “everybody involved in it was so nice and accepting,” which made him especially eager to attend rehearsal every day.


With at least three hours of rehearsal on any given day of the week, the members of the theater company become one big family, and there is no doubt that Nate has been welcomed with open arms. Along with being incredibly talented, countless people have corroborated that he is also a steller castmate. Junior Hannah Holden, one of the cast members of Urinetown, exclaimed that “Nate integrated into the company so seamlessly; it feels as though we have been friends forever, even though we have only known each other for a few months.” Fellow cast member Juliet Capriglione agreed, saying that not only is he already one of her best friends and a friend to so many others, but “he has already changed the theater program for the better,” and she is so glad he decided to join.

As for the future, Nate is really excited to continue with the Varley Players. He is excited to be playing the role of Ike Skidmore in the winter production of Oklahoma, in which he will be featured in many solos. Nate is also “looking forward to performing in shows that we may not be as familiar with, as well as being able to explore different genres of musical theater.” While the winter performance is usually a more well-known show, the fall and spring shows tend to feature different styles of literature, so he will be able to test the waters in these shows, just as he hopes to do! He cannot wait to establish strong bonds with others throughout the theater department and continue to create music and art with everyone. The Varley Players are so fortunate to have Nate Bergman on board and are eager to see what he does next! Be sure to get a seat at the winter performance, so you don’t miss an opportunity to see this unbelievable showstopper!