The End of an “Era”

By Amanda Anikstein

“Mentor,” as the students of BHHS call it, is the first period of every day for all freshmen during the first semester of the school year, and is the class that all freshman look forward to most! With the mentor program coming to an end as we approach the beginning of the second semester, the students reflect on how the program has helped them transition into high school, teaching them new lessons about school, drug and alcohol abuse, managing stress, healthy relationships, and life in general.
One of the best aspects of the mentor program is that the class is first period every day. Each morning, new activities are introduced and it’s simply the perfect way to start the day. The lessons range from speed dating, an activity meant to encourage students to get to know their classmates better, to something a bit more serious like mini discussions regarding the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse.
Speed dating was my favorite activity that we did in mentor. During this activity, we were given a topic, which we had two minutes to discuss without using our cell phones. The only task that day was to hold a conversation with various classmates. It was by far one of my favorites because I got to know every student in my class, including my mentors, even better.
Furthermore, the freshmen will miss Yogi Ball, a game combining aspects of kickball and dodgeball, in which even the shyest students get involved, demonstrating their competitiveness. Despite being played at 7:45 in the morning, everyone is so spirited and enthusiastic about the game! Each mentor class strives to win each game so that they can hopefully land their hands on the trophy, crowning the class “Yogi Ball Champions” at the end of the first semester.
Freshman Chloe Weissman says, “I am very upset the mentor program is coming to an end. It was a great way to start my day and always contributed to my positive attitude throughout the rest of the school day.” Chloe and many of other students of the Class of 2021 believe that mentor is the perfect way to spend the first period of each and every day during the first semester of the school year.
Another student says that “mentor is a great way to be welcomed into the school and make friends with upperclassmen.” This is another benefit of the mentor program: new relationships and friendships formed between mentees and their mentors. Even with the mentor program coming to an end, just like in years past, the senior mentors always make an effort to say hello to freshmen in the hallways, making lower classmen feel more comfortable and welcomed in the high school.
“The end of the mentor program will be the end of an era. Every day when I got to school, I would be relieved to begin my day in mentor,” says freshman Elaina Piecyk. All the freshmen cherish their first-period mentor classes filled with laughter and lessons taught by their senior mentors. I personally have learned so much from my mentors and will remember the lessons they have taught me, and apply this knowledge to real-world situations in my daily life!

The End of an “Era”
First period will most definitely be missed by all freshmen students next semester! Thank you to our senior mentors for making the mentor program so memorable!